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With comprehensive IT expertise, specialist knowledge and our own innovative solutions, we ensure that you remain flexible and can focus on your work. Together, we optimize your law firm processes and create IT and data security.

Digital law firm development to increase efficiency and transparency.

With individual IT solutions, IT outsourcing and IT services, we make sure you stay flexible and can focus on your work. Jointly we optimize your law firm processes and safeguard the highest IT and data security. CONVOTIS is also a certified DATEV Solution Partner. We provide know-how and solutions that go beyond DATEV.

We have been in this business for over 40 years and support more than 600 tax law firms. This is more than 15,000 users who trust us every day. You receive holistic consulting from us, no matter if it is about your IT, DATEV or beyond!

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360° Consulting

More than 100 experts, comprehensive solutions and services from a single source

40 years of trust

Thanks to comprehensive expertise and tax competence

Comprehension & collaboration

We listen, understand, and implement together

Customized innovations

with symero - our own innovative law firm management app

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The most important DATEV solutions for your law firm CONVOTIS facilitates and accelerates your and your clients’ business.

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DATEV PARTNERasp IT outsourcing in a complete service package.

IT outsourcing with the CONVOTIS Cloud: You focus on your core business, and we take care of the rest: Tailor-made IT outsourcing with the CONVOTIS Cloud is the key to more efficiency, security and competitiveness.

Safeguarded work

We enable you to work flexibly and securely from anywhere and take over time-consuming routine processes. Reduce the time you invest in your IT.

Protected data storage

Your data is important to us, and so is data protection and data security. Our servers are of course located in the DATEV data center.

Complete hassle-free package

As a certified DATEV Solution Partner, we take care of ongoing system and user support for you. This ranges from software installation and regular updates to data backup and customized individual solutions.

DATEV Corporate online Digital accounting.

Digital accounting and document clearance simplifies many things. For your client, data ranging from receipts to personnel master data can be retrieved in seconds. For law firms, data is available on a daily basis and can be processed without physical reach. CONVOTIS is happy to set up DATEV Corporate online for your law firm and for your clients.

Access to receipts at any time, goodbye to paper

Paper documents are scanned at the company and remain there. Collecting, sorting and transporting them to the office is no longer necessary. All documents are available online to the company and the office.

All transaction data digital

It's not just receipts that are getting easier. DATEV Enterprise also records HR master data and transaction data online. From the cash book (GoBD-compliant) to the outgoing invoice, all company documents can be created online.

Central processing of payment transactions

Easy for your company: Payments can be made online and account statements can be viewed. Easy for your law office: payment proposals from financial accounting and payroll can be prepared for the client and approved by the client.

Digital instead of manual

With DATEV Enterprise online, many manual office tasks are carried out much faster in digital form. This starts with timesheets and cash transactions and extends to outgoing invoices.

DATEV Document Management System Always the right document at hand.

No more double work, complicated document searches and long processing times! With DATEV DMS, you store all documents centrally and have them available in the version you need at any time. You can complete recurring tasks at the touch of a button, resulting in streamlined processes and complete traceability of all processing steps. In addition, you can use DATEV DMS to create an audit-proof archive. DATEV DMS is a workflow tool that provides targeted support for your office processes and makes business-relevant information immediately available, regardless of location.

Revision safety

Document storage is always audit-proof. All edits to a document are seamlessly traceable. Once the documents have been digitalized, they can be easily forwarded. This shortens work processes.

Individual solutions for law firms

Every law firm has different requirements. This is why CONVOTIS first determines the individual needs of the law firm with the initial consultation. As a result, law firms benefit particularly strongly from the simplified and more transparent work processes.

Seamlessly integrated into DATEV

The DATEV Document Management System immediately fits seamlessly into the DATEV cosmos, since it was developed by DATEV itself. Documents can be transferred directly. This is how CONVOTIS saves you working time and creates convenience.

Find better & faster

The integrated OCR recognition makes document contents searchable. As a result, you can find documents and their contents much faster. This is particularly pleasant and practical in telephone conversations with clients, for both sides.

DATEV Self Organization Achieve profitability in a targeted manner.

DATEV Self Organization is your task-oriented organizational solution with an active controlling and management system that supports you in professionally managing your office data. The central component is always the order: With DATEV Self Organization, you and your employees always have an overview of current orders and upcoming projects. You always have access to the processing status of a client order and the earned contribution margin. If delays or cost overruns are imminent, you are warned at an early stage and can take countermeasures in good time. In addition, DATEV Self Organization offers extensive evaluations for assessing the various organizational units in your firm - from employee level to your clients.

Fast information

At the push of a button, you have an overview of all details regarding the order, processing status and provided services during the client meeting and are able to provide information. At any time and from any location.

Early warning system

The DATEV Self Organization early warning system warns you before deadlines are missed or planned costs are exceeded. This way, you and your employees are already aware of exceeded planned values during processing.

Identify team workload

Employee scheduling lets you allocate employees to jobs and assign planned values for workloads. At any time, you can therefore quickly see the degree of utilization of individual employees.

Invoices for the order

Assign services to be invoiced directly to orders. This creates transparency. And create monthly invoices at the touch of a button. Invoices become more traceable and are created in no time at all.

DATEV & IT expertise for your law firm We support you holistically to upgrade your law firm digitally and ready for future.

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Long-term DATEV Solution PartnerEspecially for DATEV Self Organization comfort and DATEV-DMS.

Long-term means a great amount of acquired trust from our law firm customers since 1992. Long-term means a great amount of experience and expertise from 40 years of supporting law firms. Long-term also means a delicate alignment with the individual requirements of law firms. This is why CONVOTIS is one of the market leaders in Germany that also offer and support DATEV Self Organization comfort and DATEV DMS.

Your advantages:

  • CONVOTIS offers you up-to-date IT infrastructure with the fastest service and at fixed prices.
  • We advise you on DATEV solutions. We are happy to train law firms as well as their clients. So you can use the new advantages already after shortest time.
  • With our service we are always close to you. Regionality and communication from person to person is very important to us.

Professional introduction of DATEV in your law firmWell advised and quickly productive.

The introduction of DATEV accelerates the entire work in the office and between the office and its clients. This step into the new age needs to be well prepared and implemented so that all gears mesh well. Therefore, CONVOTIS starts with an introduction consultation for the approach and the DATEV products up to the IT infrastructure in the secure DATEV cloud.

Your partner for the optimization of your DATEV solution and digitalization of your law firm.CONVOTIS offers you access to digital key technologies.

In the sensitive working environment of law firms, data security represents a particularly high asset. CONVOTIS therefore offers services that meet this need. This includes digital signatures for DSGVO-compliant and legally binding digital signatures. With cloud telephony from CONVOTIS, you can start calls from DATEV with just one click, and especially for more security in confidential e-mail traffic, CONVOTIS offers hacker-proof email encryption and highly effective mail security checks from the European market leader.

Your information advantage through our appJust react faster.

The fastest way to reach our technicians & consultants is through our CONVOTIS Law Firm App – designed for moments you need our support urgently. In addition, CONVOTIS offers you even more. The app informs you within seconds about all fault and maintenance messages from DATEV and CONVOTIS. Select specifically for which DATEV applications you want the push messages.

Optimal combinations

DATEV solutions can be optimally expanded. Take advantage of the benefits of a full-service provider.

Digital Workplace

The digital workplace for an efficient work of tomorrow.

Document Digitalization

less paper, higher efficiency.

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