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With its HR system solutions and downstream services, CONVOTIS offers sustainable digital solutions for the entire range of human resources.

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Proven HR solutions customized to your individual requirements and needs.

For more than 20 years and with over 1,000,000 payrolls per year, we have been implementing digital solutions, IT and service projects throughout the German-speaking region in our HR Services division. With numerous customers, especially from the mid tier business, we are one of the established technology and service companies in the DACH region.

To our customers, we are an innovative and solution-oriented partner. Our motivation is to create added value for companies from both the private and the public sector through our solutions and to support their success in the long term.

Regardless of whether you already use a payroll system and want to expand it with additional components, or you are looking for a comprehensive system solution to link your processes. Based on a detailed analysis, CONVOTIS HR Services develops a solution that is tailored to your individual needs – jointly with you.

HR-Services Highlights

Service Level

Service availability HR SaaS => HR BPO full service for P&I LOGA and DATEV


over 1,000,000 payrolls per year


DSGVO-compliant and certified data centers with all HR services staff in Germany


Quality standards through tested as well as standardized processes and high-quality solutions

Over 200 customers trust on HR solutions and services from CONVOTIS

Everything from a single source HR management as simple, secure, and efficient as never before.

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CONVOTIS HR-Service - Your solution for all HR areas - LogaHRAutomate processes, relieve teams, save resources.

With LogaHR, CONVOTIS provides the software that enables companies to digitally map all their existing HR processes 1:1. CONVOTIS is a certified P&I LogaHR partner. Jointly we define and implement the future of HR management in your company.

Everything HR needs

CONVOTIS offers a comprehensive entry into digital HR, with which (almost) all companies can map 100% of their usual processes digitally.

Web-based management and employee portal

With the P&I LOGA3 portal, you integrate managers and employees into all HR processes. CONVOTIS offers you a whole range of Employee Self-Services (ESS) and Manager Self-Services (MSS) in the P&I LOGA3 portal. They can be accessed browser-based and via app as well.

Intelligent Payroll

P&I LogaHR enables monthly calculation of wages, salaries and pension payments as well as special payments. Additionally, online recording of absences is possible. P&I Loga HR uses analytical, artificial intelligence to reduce error-proneness, and thus the effort and operational risk in monthly closings.

Digital personnel file

CONVOTIS enables the complete digital management of personnel files with P&I LogaHR. This includes the creation of the personnel file, the maintenance of the file according to legal requirements, and the closure of the file when employees leave the company.

Travel expense management

Employees enter their travel expense reports or submit travel requests regardless of time and location. All workflows are freely definable. The finished travel expense reports are made available in the employee portal.

Job plan, ESS and MSS workflows, organization manager

With the Employee Self-Services (ESS) and Manager Self-Services (MSS) of the P&I LOGA3 portal, employees can maintain personal data themselves - without having to initiate service processes. Managers can access reports on working hours.

The P&I Job Plan and the Organization Manager map your organizational structures identically and offer evaluation options.

Evaluations, Reporting, Analysis

With P&I Loga, CONVOTIS also provides a generator for evaluations. This adapts flexibly to the information needs of managers and enables precise personnel cost planning. With the "Datamining" feature, you can quickly and specifically draw meaningful reports from HR's BigData.

Time management

P&I Loga enables the recording of working hours. The Access Control feature of P&I Loga controls spatial and temporal authorizations for access to rooms.

More future for HR

For special tasks CONVOTIS provides additional solution modules for Loga HR as extensions.

Recruiting & Onboarding

(P&I Applicant3)

When applicants choose a company, it is often one that offers a quick and easy application process. With the P&I Applicant3 package from CONVOTIS, the one-click application and the accelerated follow-up processes such as communication and correspondence, your company becomes the 1st choice for demanding applicants. With just one click you can publish your job advertisements on your homepage and in job portals. And when you hire someone, you can transfer the applicant data to payroll accounting at one click. Recruiting and hiring have never been easier.

Correspondence Management

(P&I Doku3)

Imagine if correspondence regarding payroll, personnel support or personnel management were available to employees in a personalized form by the push of a button. What if the necessary approvals from line managers and the HR department could be obtained automatically? It’s possible with the P&I Doku3 package: CONVOTIS helps you to save an enormous amount of time in all HR correspondence - legally and procedurally secure.

Personal Entwicklung

(P&I Talent3)

Mitarbeitergespräche, Beurteilungen und Zielvereinbarungen: Mit dem Paket P&I Talent3 ermöglicht Ihnen CONVOTIS das Wahrnehmen von strategischen  Aufgaben. Dabei bilden Mtarbeiter- und Unternehmensziele eine messbare Grundlage für Zielvereinbarungen.

Für die Personalentwicklung werden Seminare und Trainings geplant, Qualifikationsstrukturen werden für die Mitarbeiter transparent vorgehalten. Führungskräfte, Mitarbeiter und Personaler haben künftige Maßnahmen wie erzielte Qualifikationen per App stets im Blick.

Make it simple The CONVOTIS HR Service Packages make your HR day-to-day business worry-free and efficient.

CONVOTIS has developed a three-stage model that offers organizations and companies individual options for action. You can find out which level suits you best in the context of HR Consulting.

HR Consulting Your way to legal security
and lean HR processes

With HR Consulting, CONVOTIS accompanies you on the path to secure implementation of the digital HR solution P&I LogaHR. This leads to two important results for you. On the one hand, CONVOTIS maps all your existing HR processes 1:1 with P&I LogaHR. Secondly, existing, and future legal obligations can no longer be missed. You will be surprised at the time saving in daily business in the future.

Analysis, process, and structure consulting

The CONVOTIS consulting team gets to know and understand your HR processes. Based on this, our experts develop recommendations for action for your fast and smooth transition to HR digitization with P&I LogaHR.


CONVOTIS supports your employees in their daily work with P&I LogaHR. The HR team quickly recognizes the previous HR processes and immediately benefits from the time savings. Managers quickly recognize the benefits of the reports from P&I LogaHR.

Customizing & Migration

Whether you begin the HR digitalization or migrate from another HR solution: CONVOTIS implements your familiar HR processes and ensures a pleasant path to P&I LogaHR - including the transfer of all your HR data.

Commitment & Support

Compliance to legal changes is provided by Legal Change Packages (LCP). CONVOTIS offers support for your HR team in their daily work.

HR Software as a Service All systems maintained and serviced – worry free

If your IT department is over charged or if you just want to save costs, the simplest solution is the best: Hand over hosting, maintenance, and support to CONVOTIS.


Software as a Service provides you with the usage license. The CONVOTIS service also includes software maintenance and thus conformity with all legal regulations. Changes through LCP (Legal Change Packages) are considered by us in due time.

App Management

CONVOTIS reliably ensures that up-to-date data is available on legal changes, health insurance percentages, stock wage types, account assignment to financial accounting, standard rates, and the employers' liability insurance association. Application support is provided for both statutory and collectively agreed topics.

German data center

CONVOTIS guarantees DSGVO-compliant data security at its data center in Germany (main location Muenster/Westphalia). The data centers of CONVOTIS are ISO-certified. CONVOTIS guarantees reliable data backup and performance monitoring.


CONVOTIS' hotline answers all questions about the application via e-mail for employees in the HR team. On request, we also offer 1st level support by phone and a personal key account consultant coordinates the support.

HR Managed Service Consulting and support in the transformation of your HR applications

As soon as you start using our HR Software as a Service, you have the opportunity to hand over a large part of your daily HR business to CONVOTIS. Our support will assist you in all questions regarding the application.

Settlement run

CONVOTIS performs the settlement run. This includes the procedure of the electronic wage compensation (EEL) and is checked by CONVOTIS on the basis of error lists and, if necessary, reconciled and corrected. The transmission of data to tax offices and health insurance companies is carried out in compliance with the Data Collection and Transmission Ordinance (DEÜV).

App Management 2

CONVOTIS also offers the provision of up-to-date data for new wage types and account assignments. We also offer application support for internal company rules.


CONVOTIS provides required documents such as contribution statements, posting lists, BG lists, lists of severely disabled persons and the interface file to financial accounting. On request, we also offer the print of the accounting forms.


Dispatch includes electronic payment transactions and DEÜV accounting as well as wage tax registration and statements. The contribution statements are transmitted electronically. CONVOTIS always carries out the data transmission within the framework of the legal procedures.

HR Business Process Outsourcing We buy you time

If you would like to place further tasks in the hands of CONVOTIS, use step 3: HR Business Process Outsourcing.

Regular data maintenance

The relevant master and transaction data relating to payroll accounting are regularly maintained and recorded by CONVOTIS.

Reports, annual financial statements & audits

CONVOTIS provides standard reports for each period and also carries out the year-end closing. In addition, CONVOTIS also provides support during tax audits.

Hiring & Leaving

CONVOTIS requests the necessary documents for employment and also registers the employee for social insurance. This includes the necessary trips to offices and authorities.

Personal contact person

A permanent contact person at CONVOTIS provides information on payroll to the HR team and to the employees themselves. Additionally, certificates with legal obligation for offices, authorities and social insurance agencies are prepared.

HR Business Process Outsourcing DATEV We provide you with space.

As an "extended workbench" in the area of payroll accounting and construction wages, we provide you with capacities for your important law firm business.


CONVOTIS takes care of the payroll mandates on behalf of the tax consulting firm. This includes the preparation of current payrolls, issuance of required certificates and, if necessary, support in the event of short-time work.

Reports, annual financial statements & audits

CONVOTIS provides standard reports for each period and carries out the year-end closing work. In addition, CONVOTIS also provides support during company audits.

Master data maintenance

The relevant master and transaction data concerning payroll accounting are regularly maintained and recorded by CONVOTIS. This of course includes the entry and exit processes as well as any notifications resulting from them.


If you ever need support, please contact our experts by email or by phone. We are happy to help you.

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