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With the right IT strategy and the right IT partner, you can relieve your IT department – cost-efficiently and predictably. We take responsibility for the operation of your IT with defined services – efficiently and securely. In this context, cloud solutions are playing an increasingly important role. This enables numerous companies the opportunity for more growth, efficiency, and the development of new business models. To achieve these benefits, not only a suitable IT infrastructure is required, but also a cloud platform that meets current and future requirements. We support our customers with private, public as well as hybrid cloud solutions. Next to our CONVOTIS METRO Cloud we also work with proven providers such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

The right cloud solution includes the future-oriented digital workplace. The mix of home office and working in the office brings up numerous security requirements that need to be solved in order to collaborate seamlessly regardless of location. As a Cloud-First provider, we know what matters.

Some key facts about our Managed IT Services:

  • More than 40,000 Managed Digital Workplaces per year
  • 24/7 availability of our Managed IT Services
  • Our own high performance data center “METRO Cloud”

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