Customized cloud solutions for growth, efficiency and optimal support of business models.

Replace local hardware with highly available and highly efficient cloud resources. That sounds simple and tempting. And with CONVOTIS it is.

CONVOTIS knows how your company can use the cloud perfectly.

With its own Cloud solution, CONVOTIS provides your data a safe home and a high-performance environment for your applications. This is enabled by a modern infrastructure that can be scaled at any time using a “slider”. The CONVOTIS Managed Cloud is also very convenient by offering you support for applications and server systems, security concepts, audits, external backups and recovery tests, consulting and concepts for architecture and operation.  Naturally, CONVOTIS is also familiar with the path to an international Cloud solution, where many application modules can be used. This mix can be used to design the optimal IT environment for your company. It’s that simple. You outsource and bring Cloud expertise in-house. But you only pay for what you actually use. That’s not only powerful, but also fair and affordable!

Your CONVOTIS benefits

As far as it goes

Performance on demand,
Costs according to use


High-performance components for full performance


Ransomware Secure,
Restore on demand


Data center in Germany,
GDPR compliant,
support in German language

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Datacenter & Cloud Our data centers in Hamburg ensure a safe home for your applications and data.

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Metro Cloud ISO-27001 certified.
In Germany.

Pay as you go: You only pay for what you use. So you don't tie yourself down and scale up when you need it. And only for as long as you need the high performance. With CONVOTIS, you control the scaling up or down yourself with just a click. Whenever and as often as you need it.

Private Cloud

With CONVOTIS you save time and costs you once used to spend on managing physical servers. The Private Cloud is Infrastructure as a Service for you, which you can book separately or together.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is secure-secure. Because it is geographically separated from your company location. And it gives you protection from ransomware attacks. That's proven. And just in case, we offer you a high-performance infrastructure for disaster recovery. CONVOTIS is there for you exactly when you need us most.

High Performance Cloud

ERP, CRM, BI or Big Data S applications require more and more powerful resources. With all-flash cloud, CONVOTIS gives your business-critical applications the maximum cloud performance.

Managed Cloud

For Cloud, CONVOTIS offers consulting and concepts for architecture and operation. Our security concepts and audits reliably protect your data from threats. We are happy to develop solutions for your audit-proof and GDPR-compliant long-term archiving of data.

Azure Cloud​ More than 200 products and cloud services.

The Azure Cloud enables you to use applications optimally and add further services. Thus, your services scale and at the same time, costs only arise according to your actual usage. CONVOTIS accompanies you during conception, implementation, migration and supports you during operation.

More security

Azure Cloud provides more security through layered approaches. Azure Network Security Groups act as a cloud firewall. The Azure VMs themselves provide additional security features. All access information is protected by security principals in the Azure Key Vault.


Azure Policy makes it easy to ensure compliance with your governance and compliance standards for apps, infrastructure and data. Azure Policy is applicable to all Azure resources.

Seamless operation

Azure doesn't just connect Microsoft applications. Azure also supports open source technologies. This gives you the freedom to continue using the tools and technologies you prefer. Use virtually any application with its data source, on the operating system you choose, on a device of your choice.

Future inclusive

Business models will change. With Azure Cloud, CONVOTIS enables you to adapt your application infrastructure easily to upcoming requirements.

Amazon Web Services Bookable intelligence.
Perfectly selected by CONVOTIS.

Amazon Web Services offers infrastructure solutions like a cloud. But in addition, AWS offers services from the areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics, and from the Internet of Things. CONVOTIS gives you access to these disruptive combinations of technologies and services to digitally scale your business model.

Maximum security

Military installations and global banks set the level of security that all Amazon Web Services meet. In addition, AWS 230 offers compliance and governance features and services. Customer data is always encrypted after collection.

Driving innovation

Amazon Web Services launched in 2014 with Infrastructure as a Service. AWS has continued to deliver new breakthrough services such as Machine Learning Services that customers can integrate into their application.

Worldwide Availability

Amazon Web Services converge into a global cloud infrastructure organized into different AWS Region and Availability Zones: From Frankfurt to Paris to Sydney to Hong Kong.

Integration know-how

CONVOTIS advises and supports the integration of Amazon Web Services into your application development. From AWS Direct Connect to AWS Fargate, we help you select and use the right Web Services.

Hybrid Cloud CONVOTIS conducts.

There are many reasons to distribute the company's Cloud among several providers. This also includes yur company’s "Cloud.”  We combine your company's IT infrastructure with national and international solutions. According to your needs, you use the best of all worlds. CONVOTIS ensures that your Hybrid Cloud is indeed a usable flexible mix. Architecture, integration and interlocking of your Private Clouds and Public Clouds is the challenge here, which CONVOTIS tackles for you.

Traditional Hybrid Cloud

Traditional Hybrid Clouds are a combination of a Private Cloud with a Public Cloud such as Microsoft Azure or AWS. In intensive use, the performance of the middleware determines the performance of the Hybrid Cloud. CONVOTIS orchestrates your Hybrid Cloud for maximum performance.

Modern Hybrid Cloud

While the traditional Hybrid Cloud focuses on connectivity, CONVOTIS' modern Hybrid Cloud architecture relies on easily portable apps that can run in any Cloud environment.

Security Services Highly secure.
Highly available.

The security for IT services in the company is multi-layered. These include high availability plus cyber-attack security. Particularly when moving into the Cloud, this also includes reliable migration to ensure that your day-to-day business continues to run reliably after the migration. For each of these subtasks and for several others, CONVOTIS counts on specialized processes and tools.

Threat Protection

Microsoft infrastructures are often the target of cyberattacks. We counter these specifically with Azure Sentinel, a scalable cloud-native solution for SIEM and SOAR. For Microsoft Azure in particular, we deploy the Advanced Threat Protection tool.

High security: ISO 27001

CONVOTIS is committed to certified security. Our Cloud data centers are not only located in Germany, they are also certified according to the ISO 27001 standard. This guarantees that your data received the best possible protection at CONVOTIS.

Cloud Services The right offer for every user. Discover the diversity of cloud usage.

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Cloud Consulting From migration to governance.

Companies experience many advantages when moving into the cloud: Better performance, lower costs and reliability. CONVOTIS carries out the transfer of existing systems to the cloud reliably and usually without downtime.

Cloud consulting

The path to the cloud is individual and as unique as the requirements of each company. Therefore, we start every cloud transformation with consulting and analysis. CONVOTIS shows you what opportunities the Cloud opens up for your company and how the "Cloud" project should be approached for your project.

Cloud Migration

With CONVOTIS, migration to the cloud is a smooth and easy-to-plan process. This is because we build on the results of the consultation and follow the carefully developed path in a planned manner.

When we transfer the existing systems to the cloud, we accompany your IT team. After the transfer, we conduct extensive testing of the new databases and systems. These only go live when connectivity and performance are in place.

Cloud Governance

CONVOTIS' cloud governance includes cost and operational management and is applied to all our cloud migrations. We also consider all security and compliance aspects. This enables clear usage rules for all users, compliance with rules and a comprehensive risk assessment.

The best way into the cloud

Several different paths of a live migration are possible with CONVOTIS. What they all have in common is the goal of not interrupting day-to-day business and implementing the cloud migration according to plan. Up to now, this has always been possible, with a few exceptions.

Managed IT No more worries about IT failure.

Managed IT happens in the highly secure data centers of CONVOTIS as well as in the international data center. We manage your IT - wherever it is located.

Operation with responsibility

Managed Services by CONVOTIS means you have no more effort for operation and maintenance of your IT infrastructure.

To us, it means that we take responsibility for the permanent availability of your IT infrastructure. You can decide whether you want to start outsourcing sub-areas of IT.

IT budget that can be planned

The budget planning of SMEs and large companies often shows great uncertainty when it comes to IT service costs. If you outsource the operation of your IT infrastructure to CONVOTIS, this uncertainty becomes a fixed monthly amount that can be planned.

24/7 Operation Center

In accordance with international ITIL guidelines, we monitor your IT 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures incident-free operation. A data center without professional 24/7 monitoring with extended escalation procedures is like a vehicle without a steering wheel. Especially for business-critical processes, downtime cannot be acceptable.

Scale easily

When you choose CONVOTIS' Managed Services, you gain agility in your business. This results from the fact that you can easily scale with CONVOTIS. We adapt our service profile to your needs.

Business Continuity Management Keep things going,
even if nothing else works.

Successful cyber-attacks and unexpected failures of infrastructure components are the threatening scenario that is often suppressed - but nevertheless exist as a real danger. Luck in misfortune to those who have been well prepared with CONVOTIS. Our technology partners such as VEEAM or CommVault also provide state-of-the-art solutions for your continuity.

Business Continuity-Plan

To execute disaster recovery highly effectively, a business continuity plan is important. This roadmap provides specific instructions for action in the event of an emergency. The business continuity plan also regulates responsibilities and provides licensing and contact information for IT staff. It specifies how to proceed in the event of a failure. CONVOTIS experts will be happy to audit this plan. This gives you the certainty that everything has been considered.

Disaster-Recovery as a Service

CONVOTIS offers a perfect cloud solution just in case. With Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service you are perfectly prepared for the recovery of your systems, because the CONVOTIS system regularly creates virtual replicas of your system environment. The data is stored securely in the CONVOTIS cloud. You achieve the best performance in the hybrid cloud. This allows you to use cloud resources even if your own hardware is damaged, thus bridging the long replacement procurement.


Get to know our governance maturity models and derive concrete governance measures and performance indicators with us.

Optimal combinations

The data center & cloud solutions can be optimally expanded. Take advantage of a full-service provider.


Future-proof SAP solutions and reliable operation.

Custom Development

Standardized development processes for quality and reliable results.

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