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How can corporations align clear benefits of digital workplace in compliance with governance and organizational frameworks?

The digital workplace designed for an efficient tomorrow’s work for small, medium and large enterprises.

The “digital workplace” increasingly enables location-independent and often time-independent work. This requires modern solutions that not only facilitate collaboration with colleagues, but also meet a company’s security standards. The company workplace and home office are thus moving closer together. The digital workplace always provides up-to-date information in the context of the activity. Reliable IT system operations plays an important role in ensuring the productivity of all employees.

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Maturity Evaluation

How ready is your company for the cloud? Learn about the benefits of a cloud solution versus on-premise installations.

Microsoft 365​ All tools for daily Office work

Microsoft 365 provides all tools for the digital workplace. CONVOTIS advises on the introduction of Microsoft 365, from the concept to the correct licensing to the setup of the digital workplace, as well as its maintenance and support for users.

M365: More than an enhancement

Microsoft 365 represents the further development of Office 365 and offers not only Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. M365 also includes SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and 1 GB of cloud storage. Therefore, M365 is the perfect basis for location- and time-independent working, the "new way of working".

Change Management

With its change management, CONVOTIS considers each individual employee, and guides them through the change process.

A smooth flow is very important to us. This allows us to cope with the challenges of change with ease.


Microsoft 365 provides employees with a more pleasant way of working and higher productivity as well. Old ways of working are replaced by new and better working methods.

CONVOTIS accompanies all employees through the change process. Thus, the employees recognize the benefits and opportunities for their daily work.


Employees want to be in good hands with the new digital workplace.

With perfect 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support, CONVOTIS enables every employee to have a pleasant everyday experience with the new Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Teams​ Collaboration for today and tomorrow

Teams connects employees: From IP telephony to video meetings. This allows employees to work together on files and organize collaborations. CONVOTIS ensures governance & compliance, and fast adoption.

Teams Calling

Teams makes IP telephony useful because Teams makes location and device-independent telephony possible.

Share files

Teams provides a central repository for your files. Share information with others, share specific files, and review work results.

Think in topics

While mails are mixed up in the inbox, Teams allows you to transparently separate communication based on topics, projects, and contacts. Reliable.

Meetings & Meeting Rooms

Teams enables enterprise meeting environments that include devices, live events, room systems and management capabilities.

Work from any location

With Microsoft Teams, you always work independent of location and device. On days of attendance in the company office, you will find the same working environment as in your home office or on the train.

Mobile working

Use Microsoft Teams on iOS, Android, or Windows 10 Mobile. This is the access to your digital workplace via smartphone.

Microsoft SharePoint​ Workflows, Documents, and internet publishing

As a collaborative data repository, SharePoint contributes an important building block to the digital workplace. This is where documents can be exchanged between workgroups and departments. Yet SharePoint also ensures that your work processes always run in the same prescribed manner. CONVOTIS designs and operates the reliable infrastructure for SharePoint On Premises, online or hybrid.

Simple integration

Many companies already use Microsoft products. This makes SharePoint much easier to integrate than third-party products.

Document management

In SharePoint, metadata can be added to files. This facilitates the tracking of content in the company and its organization.


Collaboration in one document and joint document creation, enables location-independent work and direct adjustments are immediately visible.

License already in place

In many cases, companies have O365 licenses that already include the right to use SharePoint. This eliminates licensing costs.

Classic intranet

Targeted publishing to target groups: SharePoint is used in many companies as the classic tool for building intranets.

Version control

Ordered document repositories are with the version management in lists and libraries, traceable and recoverable.

Azure Virtual Desktop​ Working location-independently and reducing costs

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) eliminates the differences between company office and  home office. With AVD, working at any location feels the same: From home office to train compartment. CONVOTIS reliably implements decentralized operating models for AVD as well as global operational processes.

Availability and access

BYOD ("Bring your own device") offers the freedom to also use private end devices - and thus to work productively and securely. With Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, users can work anywhere and from any device. This is just as possible in the home office as on the road and at the company workplace. Despite all this freedom, Azure Virtual Desktop provides absolute business continuity: the user profile is stored geo-redundantly, just in case.

High productivity

Microsoft AVD enables optimized use of O365. No waiting time for local OS updates. The administration effort is also significantly lower due to patch management and automation.

Security & Compliance

Security also means protecting data from unwanted disclosure. Azure Virtual Desktop provides security through its data leak prevention features. The automatic patch management ensures that your end device is up to date and has the highest possible security level.

For a fast lane in case of technical questions Microsoft AVD has included 3 years Win7 extended support.

Low costs

Simple ThinClients are sufficient for the use of Microsoft AVD. Do you have depreciated FatClients in your company? With a ReUse or Downgrade of the former FatClients you save your budget. Additionally, the license costs of Microsoft AVD are very low.

Security & Compliance​ Security solutions adapted to your IT environment.

Security grows out of compliance and detection as well as defense against cyber-attacks. CONVOTIS implements highly secure solutions for enterprise and industry.

Security is individual

Each of our customers has a very individual need for security. And every threat scenario requires its own approach.

That is why CONVOTIS Security offers solutions for different focus areas.

Phishing & Ransomware

Phishing attacks with the aim of infiltrating ransomware are among the most frequent attack scenarios. For defense, CONVOTIS counts on a superior strategy: Detecting attacks.

Those who recognize a phishing attack will not succumb to it. CONVOTIS uses the Metaphish anti-phishing tool to train your employees to accurately identify phishing attacks.

Leading partners only

When deploying solutions to defend against cyber threats, CONVOTIS only relies on partners known as leaders for their expertise in their respective sectors.

Darktrace, Metaphish, MetaCompliance, Fortinet, Solix, Waterfall, and Microsoft.

AI detects threats

Darktrace Antigena won an award for cyber-AI, as the tool detects and defends against cyber-attacks as an autonomous response solution.

For industry and its OT systems in manufacturing, CONVOTIS provides the AI-powered tool as an immune system. As an enterprise immune system, the self-learning AI tool even detects novel attacks and threats from insiders in the enterprise.

From IT consulting to IT operation We offer full service from a single source, and take on end-to-end responsibility. No matter what size your company is.

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IT Consulting Developing and implementing the right solution

We advise and accompany our customers from initial analysis to concept work, implementation, and transformation. Modernizing the IT infrastructure provides a decisive competitive advantage but is a major challenge. CONVOTIS develops the appropriate process model to implement future-oriented IT.


A precise analysis is a prerequisite for taking the right steps to modernize IT. In addition to future requirements, this primarily involves viewing the existing IT system to assess which steps are necessary for the target system.


A milestone plan is self-evident, but beyond that a perfect interaction of the different partners and suppliers involved in a comprehensive IT transformation project is needed. CONVOTIS has already taken on many roles in IT projects and can therefore ensure a comprehensive project implementation.


A good plan is more than half the battle. With our many years of experience, we are familiar with obstacles and know which factors are important in order to successfully modernize our customers' IT systems.


Typically, a step-by-step migration is carried out to avoid risks and ensure ongoing operations. In the course of the migration, training for employees is recommended to ensure that not the technology "only" arrives in the new system landscape.

Client Management​ Clients & mobile devices under control

Client Management is proactive: Prevent risks from the very beginning. Client Management by CONVOTIS is characterized by reliability and automation. This means reduced service effort and thus lower costs for you.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager

CONVOTIS uses the Microsoft Endpoint Manager to manage the clients in your company consistently. This contains an inventory of the applications and apps used and a uniform procedure for setting up and preconfiguring your clients. This includes consistent application of security guidelines. By using modern cloud technologies such as Microsoft Intune, they are completely location-independent as well.

2nd and 3rd level support

Our experts in 2nd-level support solve complex user tasks and ensure the maintenance of your clients.

Our 3rd level support handles incidents that require a very high level of technical expertise or that are considered critical to the company. Solutions are developed and implemented in coordination.

24/7 Service Desk​ Friendly, technically proficient, and solution-oriented

We accept your request 24/7 in German and English. Our Catch & Dispatch service classifies your request and forwards it to the team of experts who will provide you with the best solution as part of 1st level support. We also coordinate system changes.

Catch & Dispatch

CONVOTIS offers you 24/7 support. Our experts accept your request in a solution-oriented manner in German and English. Our Catch & Dispatch service classifies your request and directs it to the team of experts who can provide you with the best solution within 1st level support.

Escalation Management

CONVOTIS establishes an escalation management for the service desk. Triggers are defined within the service desk team that trigger an escalation to 2nd level (and there to 3rd level). Triggers are also defined in which situations an escalation to responsible persons in the customer's organizational hierarchy is triggered.

Handling (1st Level)

Our incident handling is carried out in 4 steps according to ITIL® V4. We identify and analyze the incident with its effects exactly and report. We contain and neutralize its effects. We solve the problem that has occurred. We start the maintenance.

Change Management

The CONVOTIS Service Desk team also coordinates change management tasks. These are all minor changes. The team takes over the communication with the affected users and carries out the changes itself.

OnSite Support​ Solving problems, boosting productivity

With our SLA, onsite support is also on the fast lane. We provide onsite support out of our branch offices, resolving client and network issues on-site. This includes endpoints such as notebooks, docking stations, printers, Windows as well as Office 365.

Client & Network Support

For requests that can only be solved on-site, our OnSite Support is available. The CONVOTIS Onsite Support Team operates out of our branch offices and solves client and network problems on site. For this purpose, you can choose from various SLAs, which ensure that the problem is solved on the fast lane.

OnSite Client Support includes end devices such as notebook, monitor, docking station, printer, Windows, and Office 365. CONVOTIS Network Support resolves requests and incidents on LAN, WLAN, switches, and routers.

Productivity Boost

CONVOTIS has launched a service that departments can use to drastically increase the productivity of each individual employee: "Floor Walking".

Many users only use a part of the possibilities of their equipment or reach their limits because they do not suspect a possible solution. Studies have already analyzed and confirmed this behavior.

During "Floor Walking", a certified expert from CONVOTIS walks through the department and answers each employee's individual questions about Microsoft 365 and Teams, and provides productivity tips for using Office 365. The results are striking and occur after only a short time.

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