IT infrastructure as foundation for your company – agile, cost optimized and secure.

CONVOTIS is aware of the importance of IT infrastructure for the success of a company. We secure the running IT operations and support our costumers on their way of modernization and cloud transformation.

Secure networks and infrastructure are core components of your IT.

Value creation in the company takes place through efficient work processes with powerful applications. CONVOTIS has developed service packages that guarantee high-security, permanent and high-performance availability of these applications at all locations and in every Digital Workplace.

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The secure-secure Digital Workplace

Maximum user device security

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CONVOTIS 10-step plan
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Network Scalable & Secure.

Wireless solutions are becoming more and more important in organizations. From guest access to business critical connection of machines in production, CONVOTIS rethinks corporate networks and designs high-performance network solutions. Even in multi-cloud or hybrid environments.


CONVOTIS offers best network stability and security for your LAN. For trouble-free operations, we design a unified networking of your systems. This provides you two advantages: Predictable security and time savings through central configuration rollout.


Especially in the area of WLAN, security is the top priority for CONVOTIS. The basis is the separation of guest and company networks. Also for WLAN, the Managed approach with unified networking and centralized configuration rollout is crucial for maximum security in operation.

Software defined WAN

CONVOTIS simplifies the management and operation of your WAN by unlinking the hardware of your network from its control mechanisms. Thus, changes in usage can be easily configured even over long distances.


CONVOTIS develops a firewall configuration tailored to enterprise security. This enables a 1:1 mapping of your requirements for the connection solution for each individual location between the Internet and the company network.

IT Infrastructure Secure tracks for applications and data.

The performance of the departments in their daily business is based on a reliable and scalable IT infrastructure. CONVOTIS knows the critical points of IT infrastructures and provides know-how and methodological expertise for each segment.


With virtualization, CONVOTIS makes you independent of physically available hardware. Define your needs for server, storage, network and applications. The specialists at CONVOTIS enable you to scale as needed.


The availability of data is determined by many factors. The used database is one of them. DB administrators analyze and optimize databases such as Oracle for maximum performance. They identify bottlenecks in processing and develop proposals for eliminating them.

Storage & Backup

CONVOTIS has made it its business to have data available securely and quickly at two points in time. First, when the data is being processed by your applications. Second, when the backup is needed.


CONVOTIS ensures a smooth Unix/Linux operation by planning and operating know-how. Our experts provide automation in the area of infrastructure and professional scripting. Through permanent monitoring, we recognize the need for optimization. For cloud and hybrid environments we enable containerization / operating system virtualization.

Security Services With tools, methods & expert knowledge against cyber threats.

Protection against cyber attacks is as necessary as it is volatile. The number of threats is constantly increasing, attack methods are refining and varying. CONVOTIS uses intelligent tools that also detect attacks that are still unknown. In doing so, our experts apply proven methods, take targeted preventive measures and draw on the expertise acquired over the past decades.

Your team prevents attacks

Most cyber attacks hope for uninformed employees. CONVOTIS empowers your team with targeted training to recognize attacks. In addition, CONVOTIS supports this protective shield with powerful tools. The improved level of knowledge prevents user errors caused by carelessness and ignorance.

Home office hotspot

The Digital Workplace is a focal point for cyber criminals because the security level there is usually much lower than at the corporate workplace. We address these potential gaps with enhanced endpoint security so that remote access via clients no longer poses a threat.

Proactive methods

A homogeneous network makes it easier to protect against cyberattacks. For CONVOTIS, this is the most important foundation for implementing a security strategy. In addition to antivirus tools and preventive scans, we focus on filtering web access. We test suspicious applications securely in a sandbox for successful intrusions.

Proven tools with AI

AI-powered tools like Darktrace learn what's going on in your network on a daily basis, detect unauthorized network access, and immediately disrupt cyberattacks in progress. We always rely on market leaders, like Metaphish and Fortinet for scalable network & cloud security and automated, centralized management.

10 steps to your secure network The CONVOTIS Security Roadmap.

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The right level of security for your company sizeMaking security a living reality.

Every company needs the same security: maximum protection. However, because every company can provide different resources to do so, CONVOTIS has worked out different ways to achieve maximum protection. Simple highly effective measures create a solid expandable basis. With expert applications CONVOTIS overcomes the last steps to the goal – maximum protection.

Increasing the security level step by stepContinuously expand a secure base.

Security starts on the first level with the user. If the access points to the network are secured, the network itself and the authorized devices are protected against unauthorized access at the next level. This solid basis provides the space to include the employees as the third level. These are both the most frequent target and strong protection against cyber attacks. CONVOTIS enables employees to make an important contribution to security through online training and ongoing awareness. At the fourth level, tools with AI support and a security service center work to identify anomalies in network operations to detect and prevent cyberattacks.

10 steps to greater safety

Take a look at the CONVOTIS 10-step plan.

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