Custom software solutions and system integration for individual business requirements

In an evolved IT landscape, there are often numerous tried-and-tested stand-alone solutions. Data does not always flow as it should. CONVOTIS is experienced in data migrations and provides powerful migration tools.

Individual software development with standardized processes, a lot of experience – and a lot of heart.

CONVOTIS has been developing standardized solutions for organizations in business and administration for 40 years. Together with you, our conception teams determine your personal wishes for the implementation and introduction in the organization as well as the exact requirements of all stakeholders for the software. CONVOTIS specialists transfer this knowledge into standardized development processes and ensure quality and reliable results. During the introduction into the organization, our empathic and methodical experienced trainers create a fast and high acceptance of the new solutions.

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Secure migration

Mapping procedures for secure audit-proof migration

Customized solutions

Many years of experience in interlocking applications in heterogeneous IT environments

Agile development

Experience from large projects with Scrum and Kanban

For all platforms

Individual software solutions on different platforms

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Individual software solutions Features individual.
Quality in series.

CONVOTIS brings its methodological expertise to the development of individual software solutions. This applies to the entire development process, from conception to rollout, maintenance, and support.

Complete processes

The experts of CONVOTIS accompany you from the conception to the design of the architecture of the application through the development of frontend and backend. For the introduction of the finished solution into your organization, CONVOTIS has specialists with a great deal of intuition ready to help.

Technology stack

CONVOTIS has teams with a deep understanding of Java, C#, .net, PHP, react, Python and numerous other technologies and frameworks to support the various technologies.


The quality of a software solution for daily operation requires complete testing. For CONVOTIS, this includes prepared test cases for all conceivable scenarios, logs of the tests performed, as well as manual and automatic tests.


If you want to save costs and relieve resources, CONVOTIS offers you the option of operating your individual software in our highly secure data centers. Our experts are also happy to support your operational team.

Scrum Teams Speed as a Service.

Would you like to accelerate the progress of your project? CONVOTIS is happy to provide you with resources with in-depth project experience. This is possible in the area of project management as well as for the reinforcement of your development teams themselves.

Support in-house teams

CONVOTIS teams bring the skills and experience you need for your development project. But that is not everything. Our friendly developers fit harmoniously into your development teams.  This accelerates cooperation and development processes once more.

Outsourcing to CONVOTIS

Often the in-house team is still busy with internal tasks. It makes sense to outsource the development of individual sections of the project to CONVOTIS. Due to the lack of interference with other tasks, CONVOTIS teams often reach the goal unexpectedly early.

External Scrum Masters

... bring a breath of fresh air and new approaches to solutions. This is proven and your advantage. "Focus On Your Delivery" is the principle to which CONVOTIS' Scrum Masters pay homage. Thanks to their agile experience in a wide variety of different projects, they bring a large repertoire of possible solutions with them.

Quality assurance

What to do when the running project is stuck? Quality assurance with audits enables an internal audit. Confident, collegial, and highly effective for successful audit processes.

Digital transformation in IT Consulting.

A high-quality IT infrastructure does not happen by chance. CONVOTIS starts from your business objectives and proposes a well-structured IT stack that lets you achieve your goals: cost-efficient, highly secure, highly reliable and with maximum performance.

DevOps Best Practices

CONVOTIS consciously relies on agile methods, such as the implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. To you, the proven methods lead to faster availability of new functions. Ultimately, you save time on repairs and maintenance, which can be invested in innovations.


CONVOTIS lets you run your applications in containers in any environment in your cloud. This creates the opportunity for you to use the cloud to scale even more. Containers are also more lightweight than VMs, for example, and thus conserve your resources.


CONVOTIS' Workload Automation solution helps organizations automate, manage and orchestrate their IT processes. You can holistically control workflows across multiple platforms and business applications, regardless of where the data resides.


CONVOTIS offers modern container orchestration. We automate the deployment, scaling, and management of container applications in your cloud on premise, in the public cloud or in hybrid environments. Our health checks lead to increased resilience of your components.

Optimal combinations

The custom development portfolio can be optimally expanded. Take advantage of the benefits of a full-service provider.

Human Resources

Proven HR solutions tailored to individual requirements and needs.


Secure networks and infrastructure as a key component of your IT.

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