Digital Platforms for interconnecting systems, smart processes and data utilization

CONVOTIS has optimized all of its tools to maximally accelerate the performance of customer processes and make them more efficient - and to leverage savings potential: from purchasing to human resources management.

The digital platforms from CONVOTIS accelerate your processes.

Whether in business or in public administration, conventional software tools are usually not able to design work processes efficiently and economically. CONVOTIS has developed selected platforms that are targeted where the greatest potential for efficiency and savings can be leveraged: In the document traffic of incoming and outgoing invoices (eInvoicing), in procurement (eProcurement) and in the communication and service processes of administrations and public authorities with citizens, the business community and with other administrations or their own employees.

Your CONVOTIS benefits

Avoid media discontinuities

Reduce your transaction costs by integrating the business functions of your value chain


Traceability leads to transparent business processes, higher quality and auditability

Lean processes

Higher volumes through speed boost

Building block solutions

A platform for digitization and optimization through building blocks

These customers trust CONVOTIS

Digital platforms When all processes run faster, work without paper receipts and employees in the home office are more efficient than ever before - a platform from CONVOTIS is in operation.

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eInvoicing As if the screen had a mailbox slot.

What if an invoice is received and, without any action of an employee, it is checked within seconds and available in the accounting software? CONVOTIS not only speeds up, but also eliminates common sources of errors such as manual data entry. Digital workflows for acknowledgement & release (approvals) enforce compliance with organizational processes and accelerate them as well.

Instant approvals

All approvals are done electronically. There is no need to transport paper documents. The document reaches the decision-makers directly, drastically shortening processing times. And all document and process runs can be tracked effortlessly.

Save process costs

Automated invoice validation and correction functions save you time and costs. The platforms from CONVOTIS (almost) pays itself.

Individual outgoing invoices

Define the output of your invoice via a web portal to make it easier for the recipient to handle. Our platform can provide you with your invoices in any standard format. This also applies when creating collective invoices.

Cash flow management

If invoice documents are processed quickly, cash discounts can also be drawn on time. Also granted discounts and special offers can be taken advantage of. Analytics tools support you in active cash flow management in order to keep an eye on your income and expenses at all times.

Legal security

The CONVOTIS platform offers audit-proof electronic data archiving. In addition, you can also use digital signatures to obtain signatures electronically.

Manual presorting? No!

Electronic invoice processing also includes that our platform recognizes the data on the paper document and adopts it in the system. The platform reliably classifies the invoice and forwards it directly. In this way, automatic account assignment of invoices is also possible. We add relevant information to invoice documents automatically.

eProcurement Faster. Cheaper. Purchase.

The digitalization of procurement with CONVOTIS offers exactly three groups of advantages: The entire process of purchasing runs digitally faster. Procurement prices are reduced due to easier comparison and connection of new suppliers. And the connection to your other ERP systems is seamless.

More suppliers, lower costs

Offers from new procurement sources are easily integrated digitally. In this way, digital price comparisons always include more favorable sources with extensive databases. Thus, alternative suppliers quickly become available in bottleneck situations.

Spending transparency

The eProcurement platform from CONVOTIS offers you complete transparency from ordering an item to processing the invoice with an overview of cash flow and all financial obligations.

Purchase faster

The fast processes of eProcurement let you take advantage of short-term offers and reliably cover spontaneous requirements. All relevant procurement information is available around the clock and can be used immediately.


The eProcurement platform from CONVOTIS reliably maps authorizations and budget authorities. Even your usages for purchasing requests, orders and other processes are transferred 1:1 into fully digital processes.

eGovernment Digital. Services. Data.

CONVOTIS enables administrations and public authorities to meet the requirements of the Online Access Act (OZG). In doing so, we emphasize the efficient, budget-friendly and result-oriented implementation of the eGovernment platform.

Life situations, public offices, positions

With the citizen service system, CONVOTIS offers citizens simple and direct access to citizen services in line with their life situation. The eGovernment platform digitally maps the organizational structure of the district or municipality, the state, the federal government, or municipal providers.

Revealing potential

CONVOTIS uses an unusual approach to introduce the eGovernment platform.  The potential of the authority is specifically explored and the economic efficiency of the IT and eGovernment projects is determined.

Goodbye to staff shortages

The eGovernment platform from CONVOTIS accelerates procedures. This relieves employees and thus contributes directly to reducing the personnel shortage in the administration. Another source of increased efficiency is the simplification of communication between the administration and authorities and partners such as citizens, the business community, and other administrations.

Service Building Kit

How does CONVOTIS digitally map specialized procedures and, above all, quickly and reliably? With the digital building block system, CONVOTIS digitizes specialized procedures and enables the use of apps for all citizens. Moreover, the implementation takes place in a very short time.

Websolutions Simple. Online.

CONVOTIS offers short project times and absolute budget compliance through in-house competence from strategy and conception to design, realization, operation and maintenance.

Tailored customer portals

The portals of CONVOTIS act as a control desk for all applications of each user group. We integrate all services that you want to make available to your users. This ranges from external services to the ERP system. The open architecture and strict adherence to international standards allow you to connect services with minimal effort. At the same time, the portals offer maximum security and data protection through granular assignment of rights.

The right content management system

CONVOTIS counts on established standards such as WordPress, LifeRay, Drupal and django CMS. Our experts will gladly determine which CMS is the right one for your web project – jointly with you. Or are you looking for a reliable company with effective maintenance for your website(s)?  Or does your website need a customized plugin or extension?

Flexible, customized online stores

The technical platform of the store determines the functional possibilities. But the sales in the store are determined by the user guidance and the usability options of the design. The experts at CONVOTIS offer store development from a single source: From conception to design, realization and SEO/search engine optimization to maintenance and support.

Intra- and Internet solutions

The website of your company is the first display window to the outside and to the inside. CONVOTIS designs internet and intranet pages for all end devices - whether mobile, tablet or PC. This is where the digital workflow in your company begins.

Services CONVOTIS supports you in developing the appropriate solution. If desired, we integrate it and take over the operation for you.

Consulting Expertise - knowing what to do.

We support your organization according to your requirements.

Individual consulting

Every project starts with a conversation. We know many business processes and want to get to know your processes as well. Together we define the way and the goal to design a digital business platform for your company in an optimal way.

Project management

A clear goal in mind must also be appropriately well targeted, which is why we attach great importance to professional project management. "Clear words - good friends" is a principle of our way of working.

Integration We make it fit.

Cross-system and cross-company collaboration as the key to success.

Configuring interfaces

Integration means developing interfaces. We integrate your and your partner's or customer's interfaces. This is the only way to avoid media discontinuity and achieve increased efficiency.


Through API/REST management, we can seamlessly connect various platforms from different vendors such as SAP or Microsoft.

Platform as a Service Make sure it works.

We take over the operation of the platform so you can work worry-free.


CONVOTIS takes over the operation of your platform, thus minimizing the risk of failure and increasing the security of your data at the same time. Updates that increase security are automatically applied so that you can always use the latest version.

Quality in operation

We deliver quality in service. The 2nd level at the latest ensures that your problem is solved.

Optimal combinations

The Digital Platform Portfolio can be optimally expanded. Take advantage of the benefits of a full-service provider.


Future-proof solutions and reliable operation.

Datacenter & Cloud

How your company can use the cloud perfectly.

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