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If your processes handle a lot of paper and you want to digitalize your processes completely and quickly, then you've come to the right place. We make your workflows more efficient.

Produce less paper and process less paper – digital processes to increase efficiency.

Start simple: With our eInvoicing you are already producing digital documents. With our Document Management System, you digitalize existing paper documents and retrieve all documents at any time on any device. This is also safe for you, because legal retention periods are adhered to and all documents are archived in an audit-proof manner. In addition, all documents are available to your employees – even in the home office, because there are no more physical folders. Digitalization also means freedom.

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Smart individualized standards

Customized standard solutions
Development of individual solutions

Integration with your systems

Integrated with your ERP/FiBu solution and Office 365/ Microsoft Teams

Data center in Germany

Highest IT security
GDPR compliant

Experience & Trust

40 years of experience
ISO certified

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Products for better work With these products, we enable you to replace paper with digital documents and experience a new, easier way of working.

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Document Management View all documents anywhere and at any time.

The document management system (DMS) of CONVOTIS stores your former paper documents in a central, digital archive. For this purpose, the contained text, keywords and further information are stored. The DMS then enables you to find the documents in seconds - via these keywords and information. And the DMS from CONVOTIS lets your employees use the documents for their work at any location. Even from several locations at the same time. In addition, the documents are archived in an audit-proof manner.

Everyone, everywhere, at the same time

The documents are available to everyone at any time. For example, the purchasing department in Munich and the accounting department in Hamburg can view the same invoice at the same time and use it for their work. Copies are no longer necessary.

No more lost pages

If all incoming paper documents are scanned, no documents or pages from them can be lost on their way through processing. The documents are available in the DMS in exactly the same condition in which they were received by the company.

Individual solutions

Another strength of CONVOTIS is software development. Thus CONVOTIS can also adapt standard programs to your usual processes. It is very important to us that the software always adapts to the customer and not vice versa.

Collaboration and processes

The ECM from CONVOTIS enables simplified collaboration with documents within a team, but also between business partners. Especially when documents are linked to processes, passing on the documents with the workflow yields great potential for increasing efficiency.

Documents in the workflow

The DMS assigns documents to employees or teams based on indicators. There, the documents are available for workflows. After completion, the documents are passed on with the workflow - without manual transport of physical folders.

Massive savings

The savings from using digital documents are multifaceted, as many things are simply eliminated: From storage and transport to searching for documents. It even extends to the use of discounts because the invoice arrived at the accounting department on time.

Maximum security

CONVOTIS intentionally offers hosting cloud services in its own data center in Nürtingen. The highest level of IT security and compliance with GDPR guidelines is ensured, meeting all our customers' requirements, and meeting our strict quality targets.

Scanning services Confidential.

CONVOTIS will gladly take care of scanning and digitalizing your paper documents. This also includes the reliable recording of data and parameters as well as forwarding the new, digital documents to applications.

360° document scanning

CONVOTIS has established a 360° process of the highest care for the digitalization of your documents. Our quality management monitors the capture, the processing, the scan itself - and then performs a comparison with your metadata.

Scanning large quantities

CONVOTIS can also process large volumes of paper documents by batch scanning. Thus, up to 120,000 paper documents and up to 400,000 digital documents are scanned daily.

Scanning of all formats

CONVOTIS scans paper documents from simple application forms to bound paper documents. Form fields can also be securely read and passed to applications. Our software development team enables reading of any specific format and reconciliation with all your existing application systems.

Central invoice receipt

CONVOTIS scans incoming invoices using just-in-time processing. Subsequent data reconciliation with the ERP system then makes the digital receipts directly available for processing in the ERP.

Certified security

CONVOTIS lays a particularly trust-building foundation for the scanning of your receipts. All our processes are transparent and are subjected to our strict quality assurance. CONVOTIS is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

100% trust

The value chain of CONVOTIS is completely localized in Germany. CONVOTIS provides you with personal contact persons in sales and technology for the trustworthy scanning of your documents.

We advise and operate your solution for you CONVOTIS has the claim to always act with 360° view.

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Obviously with a 360° view.

No matter whether you operate your IT solutions in-house or smartly use our highly secure data center in Nürtingen: CONVOTIS supports you with competent consulting, secure and fast implementation and quick-response support. In the areas of document management, eBilling, eInvoicing and cloud telephony, we have built up special expert knowledge through a great deal of experience in projects.

Consulting with vision.

Each of our customers is an individual. Each of our customers brings in different requirements, has different special wishes. The experience of more than 40 years of cooperation with our customers has sharpened our eye for a 360° view of business models. CONVOTIS responds to individual requirements and extensive budget-saving possibilities of the software development department. Thus, standard solutions can be used in wide areas. And for special requirements, individual adaptations are provided.

Optimal integration & implementation

CONVOTIS always integrates its solutions seamlessly into the existing corporate landscape of applications. Early on, CONVOTIS created interfaces and built bridges through customization. When choosing a platform, CONVOTIS advises on the decision-making process. Whether the cloud delivers the perfect infrastructure, CONVOTIS evaluates with a 360° view of processes, business model and goals of the company.

We take over & operate for you.

Outsourcing processes is justifiably a trend in German industry. CONVOTIS determines how much outsourcing supports your company best with a 360° view of the company’s business model and goals. Software as a Service is the starting point. However, CONVOTIS also takes over entire processes from the digitalization of documents to payroll accounting. IT security is always the top priority. The data center of CONVOTIS is located in Nürtingen and secures compliance with DSGVO regulations.

Optimal combinations

The solutions for document digitization can be optimally expanded. Take advantage of the benefits of a full-service provider.


Optimize law firm processes, create IT and data security.

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