New website for a new brand

The Port of Lübeck has a long and proud tradition as a port city that dates back to the glorious times of the Hanseatic League. With its modern Roll-On-Roll-Off traffic, where goods are transported onto the ship by rolling, it represents the largest RoRo and ferry port on the German Baltic coast. Therefore, Port of Lübeck is considered an important hub for the exchange of goods between Central Europe, Scandinavia, and the Baltic states.

As part of the Port Development Plan 2030, which was adopted by the Lübeck City Council in May 2020, it was decided that a new umbrella brand should establish a uniform overall presence for the port. A new website was intended to support the public representation. Likeable, modern, attractive, responsive, and bilingual – these were the requirements that the website was supposed to fulfill, and thus the challenges that CONVOTIS faced.

Our team placed particular emphasis on the clarity and user-friendliness of the site. Our experts convinced with an intuitive user interface, consisting of a self-explanatory slim menu structure. The corporate and service information is compactly and attractively presented under the headings “Company”, “News”, “Projects”, and “Career”. This enables users to quickly find desired information with just a few clicks.

All content on the website can be updated, corrected, and supplemented by press and public relations employees. We owe this to the use of the modern SULU content manager. The new web presence is rounded off by the appealing and individual design. Today, companies, institutions, and citizens can quickly gain an overview of the performance of the Port of Lübeck.

See for yourself and visit the new website at

CONVOTIS is thankful for this great project and the trust it has placed in us!

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