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Connect your systems and benefit from intelligent processes and targeted data utilization. With digital platform development and industry-specific solutions, CONVOTIS helps you achieve greater efficiency and reduced costs in all areas.

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Whether in business or public administration, traditional software tools are usually no longer efficient and economical. However, there are now numerous intelligent platforms that simplify everyday work. Many companies, however, lack the time or expertise to rethink and modernize important processes. CONVOTIS supports you with professional platform development. The tailored digital platforms always address the areas with the greatest potential for increased efficiency and savings.

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Holistic digitalization concept

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Transparent business processes

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Modular solutions

High flexibility

Adaptability to changing requirements

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Digitalize your processes quickly and efficiently. Optimize your business processes with tailored solutions for fast and efficient digitization. Start today and experience the benefits of shorter lead times, improved process quality and long-term cost savings.

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Digital Process Platforms Efficiency through digitization.

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CONVOTIS supports you in digitizing your processes and streamlining your daily tasks with industry-specific solutions. This involves seamlessly connecting employees, applications, devices and information across the entire organization. Increased lead times and optimized process quality ultimately lead to long-term cost reductions. Some examples are the products tailored to different industries listed here.

Customer Communication Management

Power in customer communication, structure in processes. With the cloud-based Customer Communication Management System, companies in the energy industry bring a new structure to their processes and automate customer communication. CONVOTIS has developed an effective and cost-effective solution that meets the high demands of the industry. While an already integrated CRM solution automatically provides the input, the Customer Communication Management generates the appropriate output based on implemented workflows. Our solution supports PDFs, emails and other file formats and has a pre-configured interface for print and mail delivery.

Shipping Management System.
Digitization at sea.

CONVOTIS' Shipping Management System (RMS) provides companies in the shipping industry with professional operational software for efficient resource management and optimal route planning. The software automates numerous everyday tasks, simplifies processes in the harbor and at sea and ultimately leads to noticeable cost savings.

Efficiency thanks to digital invoicing.

CONVOTIS' eInvoicing significantly facilitates and optimizes invoicing. Incoming invoices are automatically checked and made available in the accounting software in seconds, without the involvement of a clerk. This significantly speeds up processes and reduces common sources of errors that can occur with manual data entry. In addition, digital workflows for acknowledgment and approval (approvals) ensure compliance with organizational processes and further accelerate them.

Administration for authorities.

Through Microsoft's Digital Workplace, you can optimize workflows, securely manage files and professionally implement web publishing. The foundation is SharePoint as a collaborative data repository. Here, files can be shared between teams, while workflows proceed efficiently according to patterns defined by you. CONVOTIS designs and operates the infrastructure for SharePoint on-premises, online or hybrid, tailored to your requirements.

Application Development Custom Solutions.

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Today's market offers isolated IT solutions without integration. CONVOTIS provides tailored, seamlessly integrated software solutions to avoid the use of various systems and user interfaces. Individual solutions are based on your requirements and standard development processes ensure quality and reliability.

Individual software solutions.
For unique requirements.

Instead of adapting standard solutions to your individual needs, CONVOTIS relies on custom development and flexible and demand-oriented assembly application components for you. In the context of individual software development, experienced software architects accompany you from the conception of the application through the development of frontend and backend, as well as system integration, to ongoing service, maintenance and support for your operational teams.

Tip: Additionally, save costs and resources by operating your custom software in the secure data centers of CONVOTIS.

Proven practices.

Our methods include the implementation of continuous integration and continuous delivery, as well as the use of tools for infrastructure, such as code like GIT, Terraform and IaC, for efficient management of distributed systems on a large scale. We integrate software development and IT administration to ensure the rapid deployment of new features and empower your teams. Our technology automation helps optimize your processes.

Custom Development.
For customized solutions.

Our individual solutions support you precisely. With specialist teams that have extensive expertise in various technology areas such as Java, C#, .NET, PHP, React, Python, and many other technologies and frameworks, we offer customized development services to meet your specific requirements.

Control is better.

Our testing approach is characterized by intensive quality assurance for every solution. We conduct comprehensive tests to ensure smooth daily operations. We use prepared test cases for all conceivable scenarios and employ both manual and automated testing methods. All conducted checks are carefully documented to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Application operations.
Efficient operation.

Our Application Operations include continuous monitoring and maintenance of your applications. We respond immediately to any issues to ensure smooth operation. Additionally, we take care of scaling and performance optimization. Automation of routine tasks is also part of our service. We log and create reports to ensure transparency and enable continuous improvements. Our expertise extends across various application stacks and technologies to operate your applications efficiently.

Application Modernization Future-Ready Transformation.

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The future of software development and architecture requires a comprehensive transformation to meet constantly changing requirements and technologies. Our teams have the knowledge and skills to future-proof your applications and develop innovative solutions.

Software Architecture.
Structure for success.

Our software architects are experts in the latest techniques and concepts of software architecture. We employ Domain-Driven Design (DDD) to structure your software solution clearly and efficiently. Our ability to create independent value streams allows you to develop various functions in parallel, thus reducing your time-to-market. Moreover, we specialize in architecture design for the cloud to ensure scalable and reliable applications.

Application Development.
Innovation on demand.

Our application development teams are versatile and master the latest technologies for frontend and backend. We create engaging user interfaces with React and Angular, providing a first-class user experience. Simultaneously, we leverage powerful backend technologies such as Java and Node.js to develop robust and scalable applications. Our focus is on creating tailored solutions that precisely fit your requirements.

Modernization Strategies.
The right strategy.

With our modernization strategies, we help you make your existing systems future-ready. Our modernization framework enables you to update obsolete applications and processes to meet current requirements. We implement coexistence patterns to integrate new and old systems seamlessly. Additionally, we use Change Data Capture to ensure real-time data updates and make your transformation smooth.

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