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CONVOTIS supports companies in the financial industry with tailored and secure IT solutions to increase revenues, control costs and reduce risks.

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The financial industry has been facing rapid digitization in recent years. While processing sensitive data is a daily occurrence, digital transformation poses a significant challenge for many companies in this sector. New regulatory requirements on the one hand and innovation pressure on the other require expertise. CONVOTIS provides long-term support to the finance industry with proven IT solutions for finance.

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Efficiency Increase and Error Reduction

Enhance efficiency and reduce errors and costs through recurring processes

End-to-End Process Automation

Cross-application straight-through processing for improved efficiency

Transparency and Traceability

Clear and transparent invoicing and reporting

Compliance and Risk Management

Meet requirements in audit, compliance and risk management

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New Dimensions of Efficiency:
Custom Financial Software Our tailor-made solutions for the finance industry optimize complex processes and automate routine tasks. Utilize our industry-specific expertise to enhance the efficiency of your financial business and focus on your core competencies.

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Smart Fees Management The smart rules factory.

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Discover effortless solutions for advanced financial digitalization and efficient fee management with CONVOTIS. Streamline all fee processes within an intuitive, user-friendly environment. Our Smart Fees Management simplifies fee processes through automation, enhancing data security and contributing to improvements in compliance and risk management.

Agile Work with calculo.
The Fees Management Platform.

Automate your fee processing through a single user-friendly platform. calculo manages, calculates, controls and processes any type of incoming and outgoing fee. Data security is a top priority, including access control through role-based permission concepts at the field level. At the same time, approval processes and escalation mechanisms are configurable in single or multiple stages. Thanks to an open application architecture, calculo is compatible with existing IT systems and interfaces with all common fund and accounting systems or data providers. The modular structure also allows the platform to be used as a starting point for customized software solutions.

Business Process Outsourcing.
For Reliable Revenue Growth.

Optimizing financial processes is crucial for business success. CONVOTIS supports you as a professional partner through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Transfer comprehensive business processes to our experts and experience sustainable revenue growth. Outsourcing routine tasks simplifies your workflows and accelerates decision-making processes. As your BPO partner, CONVOTIS reduces operational risks and ensures compliance and data security. Our expertise in disaster recovery plans and protecting sensitive financial data secures your business continuity.

Finance Cloud For Custom Software Development.

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CONVOTIS offers an efficient Finance Cloud for the development and operation of tailor-made software applications. This cloud supports the automation of rule-based processes such as CRM, contract and risk management. Its rule-based approach allows for quick adjustments to new requirements, while a central rule archive and a dashboard with an intuitive interface ensure transparency and traceability.

arregulo, the Agile Solution.
Custom Applications.

With arregulo, CONVOTIS provides an efficient Finance Cloud for the development and operation of tailor-made software applications. This cloud supports the automation of rule-based processes such as CRM, contract and risk management.

The rule-based approach allows processes to be quickly created and adapted to new requirements, controlled via triggers and interconnected with various steps. All rules are managed in a central, user-friendly rule archive, making them transparent and accessible to all authorized users. A practical dashboard with an intuitive user interface ensures transparent process monitoring, with graphical process representation differentiable down to the building block level.

integrio as a Financial Cloud.
Complex Processes & Datasets.

integrio, as a Finance Cloud, supports the complete digitization of business processes and their representation without media breaks. The powerful and audit-proof cloud allows both the import and integration of master data, conditions and transaction data and performs regular automatic data imports.

This way, the combination of manual tasks and automated sub-processes is easily possible. integrio can be used across departments and companies, providing a comprehensive solution for various requirements, such as onboarding new employees or digitally exchanging information with business partners.

Finance Process Management Efficient Process Automation in Finance.

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integrio not only serves as an efficient Finance Cloud, but CONVOTIS also leverages this solution for seamless process automation, efficiently automating and monitoring recurring billing processes. This includes data import/export, payment processing, as well as the transmission of accruals to the accounting department. With a daily updated overview and the "Report Designer" for custom reports, integrio supports flexible process design and reporting in various formats.

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