We have a talk with Jan Hermann, Group Executive for Infrastructure and Security at CONVOTIS, about the focus topics cloud and security.

Dear Jan, we would like to start by introducing you to our readers.

Starting in February, I joined CONVOTIS as Group Executive for Infrastructure and Security.

After completing my studies, I supervised several projects in the role of a Project Manager and gained international experience in the IT industry. In recent years, I have worked in various companies, including as Chief Information Officer and member of the Management Board, as well as VP Service Delivery Management EMEA at T-Systems.


With your extensive industry experience, we are very interested in your insights on trends. What will 2023 bring?

One major trend this year is the increasing use of cloud computing. Due to the many benefits cloud computing brings, more and more companies are switching to cloud solutions. Benefits such as cost savings and more efficient collaboration, are driving competitive and growth opportunities for businesses.

New opportunities also bring new risks.

The many cyberattacks on small and large companies in recent months demonstrate that security remains a critical issue in 2023. With the focus on the increasing prevalence of cloud-based applications and services, companies need to protect their data and applications from cyberattacks and data theft. To ensure such comprehensive protection, the development of solutions for the secure use of cloud services, such as encryption and access control, is increasingly in focus.


What priorities do you want to focus on at CONVOTIS regarding these trends?

Regarding these trends, at CONVOTIS, we want to primarily expand our expertise in cloud security and cloud computing. To continue to ensure secure use of cloud services, we will increasingly focus on solutions such as encryption and access control. We are focused on providing our customers with secure and reliable cloud solutions and protecting their infrastructure from cyber threats. Additionally, CONVOTIS offers its cybersecurity expertise in the form of the CONVOTIS Security Shield.

Another focus is on the use of MetroCloud as a cloud infrastructure. With MetroCloud, CONVOTIS offers a high-performance network for your applications and also optimizes your processes. This makes companies more agile and allows them to react flexibly. We want to use our long-standing experience and focused customer relationships in the areas of cloud infrastructure and modern workplace to provide our customers with a high-performance and secure network infrastructure for their applications. We keep our processes simple and clear to allow maximum flexibility while maintaining quality standards in the scale of CONVOTIS.

To meet the needs of our customers and provide flexible solutions, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions are also strongly in focus at CONVOTIS. Depending on the individual requirements, we offer tailored solutions. With our MetroCloud, we provide a private cloud infrastructure and can also offer public cloud solutions with Azure.

We are focused on offering innovative and tailored solutions that best meet your requirements.


What opportunities do you see arising from the newly integrated companies?

The integration of new companies into the CONVOTIS group opens up many opportunities for us as an IT service provider. With our diverse setup, we can offer our customers a focused and broader portfolio.

For our customers, we want to act even more agile and customer-oriented, and for this, we rely on the extensive know-how of CONVOTIS – proven concepts are further promoted, and new ones are created. With our strong foundation and forward-thinking vision, I am confident that we can achieve this together.