In today’s fast-paced business world, it is essential for companies to adapt to changing requirements and modernize their working methods. Companies that switch to digital working methods reap a wide range of benefits.

The digital workplace has become the standard of forward-thinking companies. Not only employees, but also customers and business partners expect a modern working environment. In a nutshell, the benefits of a digital work environment are:

  • Flexible workplaces: By using cloud-based tools and services, employees can access necessary information and data at any time and from anywhere. This creates a flexible and mobile working environment that makes it possible to work from any location – whether in the office, from home (home office) or even during business trips.
  • Efficient collaboration: Modern communication tools such as chats, video telephony and shared calendars facilitate collaboration and communication between employees. In this way, each employee is provided with the appropriate information, regardless of where they are working.
  • Lower costs: Thanks to cloud-based tools and services, you can reduce your future costs. The use of cloud technologies allows flexible scaling of the IT infrastructure for your company. Furthermore, by digitizing your data, you reduce your paper consumption to a minimum.
  • Growing employee satisfaction: The option of working in a home office can have a positive impact on work-life balance and thus on employee satisfaction. The flexibility that this type of work enables allows employees to better balance their private and professional lives. This can give companies an important advantage in the competition for qualified employees and at the same time help to increase efficiency, as employees can also work more productively in an environment in which they feel comfortable.
  • Increased security and data protection: A Digital Workplace offers companies the opportunity to store their data and applications safely and securely, thereby meeting data protection and compliance requirements. By setting up individual user rights, it is possible to ensure that only authorized employees have access to specific areas of the system. This is an important advantage over the traditional paper-based office, where there is no way to set access restrictions and files can often be passed around carelessly, posing a potential risk to data protection.


To realize the full potential of the digital workplace, a modern IT infrastructure is necessary:

  • Cloud computing solutions to store and access the data and applications centrally
  • Security measures to protect data from unauthorized access and data loss
  • Mobile device management to ensure the mobile devices used to access the data and applications are securely configured
  • Network connectivity and bandwidth to ensure remote workers can access the resources they need
  • Virtualization technologies to facilitate the deployment of applications and desktops to remote workers


That’s where CONVOTIS enters the picture.

Our experts ensure that your IT infrastructure meets your requirements for a modern workplace. We transform their IT infrastructure to unlock the full potential of benefits for you.