Cloud computing is displacing local applications – quite rightly. In addition to simultaneous document collaboration and constantly available access to your data, a cloud offers other essential advantages for your company.

Your team can concentrate more on business processes and innovations, while the responsibility for your infrastructure is entirely with the cloud provider. This leads to an increase in quality, competitiveness and growth opportunities.

Today, it’s increasingly difficult to keep up with market changes and seize new opportunities before your competitors. A cloud promotes your agility. You can launch in new regions, add or remove services and experiment with new technologies.

Freed from delays in deployments and financial requirements, technology can be adopted. Both release upgrades and deployments of new applications are fast and affordable for all users. This is also good for smaller organizations. Nothing is stopping the access to advanced technology.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Cost-benefit comparison:

When working with a cloud, all required resources are provided by the provider. This not only eliminates the cost of expensive hardware and software, but the provider also takes care of regular updates. Maintenance, care and upkeep are taken care of by appropriate specialists, thus relieving your budget.

  • Individual customization:

The purchase of modern hardware and software can quickly become expensive, although it is usually not needed to that extent. Adjust individual factors such as storage space, computing power and software at any time and according to your needs. Required resources can be added and removed quickly and cost-efficiently.

  • Always up to date:

With a cloud, documents and data can be accessed regardless of their size – at any time and from anywhere. Such a mobile working option promotes collaborative working in your company. Regardless of location and time zone, employees work together more often and more efficiently. Simultaneous editing of documents is supported by automatic synchronization in real time. This means that the latest version is always used. Changes made are automatically logged and thus remain traceable.

  • On the safe side:

Automatic software updates, vulnerability patches and state-of-the-art tools – in most cases, data backup is carried out by the cloud provider many times more intensively than in medium-sized companies. Resource access and access to computer systems are also secured by means of administration. In case problems arise, the standardization allows for a quick response.

All risks in the areas of security, know-how, capacity utilization and technology can be transferred to the service provider. Thanks to professional operation and maintenance, you are assured of reliable availability.


How do I get into the cloud?

Have we aroused your interest in cloud solutions? Would you like to work more efficiently in your company? Whether local cloud, hyperscale or hybrid cloud – we will find the right solution for you. The protection of your data is our top priority.

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