Private cloud solution METRO CLOUD – dataglobal GmbH

Industry: Software development

The 70-strong team of experts at dataglobal GmbH aims to drive the digital transformation of its customers and provide secure and future-proof solutions for the digital workplace.

This endeavor led to a collaboration with CONVOTIS. In a comprehensive modernization project led by CONVOTIS, a significant portion of dataglobal’s server infrastructure was successfully migrated to the METRO CLOUD.

This process, completed in just four weeks, involved the transition of nearly 200 virtual machines. Thanks to the expertise and commitment of CONVOTIS, this transition was completed with an exceptional customer satisfaction rate of 100%.

The cost savings achieved by dataglobal through the move to the METRO Cloud were remarkable. Compared to the previous data center provider, 30% of ongoing costs were saved. This saving was not only a financial gain but also meant that no further investments in hardware were necessary.

Thus, dataglobal was able to transition from capital expenditures (CAPEX) to operating expenses (OPEX). Additionally, the METRO Cloud, supported by the expertise of CONVOTIS, provided a 50% more cost-effective alternative to hyperscaler services with comparable performance. Through the partnership with CONVOTIS, dataglobal has not only achieved financial benefits but also established a solid foundation for future growth and innovation.

€ 1,5 Mio


With the support of CONVOTIS, dataglobal was able to avoid an investment of 1.5 million euros in hardware.