Digital Transformation & E-Commerce – GEZOLAN

Industry: Manufacturing of rubber granules

GEZOLAN, a globally recognized specialist in high-quality rubber granule solutions with over 50 years of experience, faced a significant challenge in digital transformation. Based in Switzerland and the USA, GEZOLAN produces innovative, environmentally friendly EPDM granules for sports and leisure flooring.

The ambitious project aimed to develop a customized eCommerce solution while modernizing the entire IT infrastructure. For this, GEZOLAN chose to collaborate with CONVOTIS, an experienced IT service provider. CONVOTIS not only successfully developed and implemented a specialized eCommerce platform but also provided comprehensive support for migrating the IT infrastructure to a private cloud. This allowed GEZOLAN to respond flexibly and efficiently to the needs of its global customers.

The project included the design of a backend system for licensed buyers, enabling the ordering and configuration of rubber granules. The platform supports multiple currencies and quantity systems, allowing customers to order and configure granules according to their specific requirements. By digitizing the ordering process and introducing the new e-commerce solution, GEZOLAN increased efficiency, reduced errors in orders, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The migration of the IT infrastructure to the cloud resulted in improved flexibility and scalability of systems, laying the foundation for future expansions.
This successful implementation of digital transformation represents an impressive milestone for GEZOLAN and demonstrates the effectiveness and success of the partnership with CONVOTIS.

"CONVOTIS is the ideal partner for us as a globally operating company, responding quickly and flexibly to our IT requirements. We entrust CONVOTIS with the complete management of our IT infrastructure, from the support of virtual workplaces to IT support. They demonstrated their expertise in the development of a customized e-commerce solution. We particularly appreciate the quick, needs-based implementation and fair conditions provided by CONVOTIS."