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Cloud Telephony & DATEV Integration – Jansen & Partner mbB Tax Consultants Auditors

Industry: Tax consulting and auditing

The tax consulting and auditing firm Jansen & Partner, active in tax and business matters for about 30 years, was seeking solutions to make its operations more flexible and efficient.

In collaboration with CONVOTIS, the goal was to modernize the outdated telephony solution for Jansen & Partner, a tax consulting and auditing company active in tax and business matters for about 30 years, in order to meet the requirements of the modern work environment. The challenges, particularly in enabling mobile work and home office usage, proved to be significant and required substantial effort. Additionally, there was a need for seamless integration with DATEV, an essential component for tax consultants.

The solution for Jansen & Partner involved implementing cloud telephony combined with a DATEV integration. This allowed the use of softphones that could be used independently of a fixed workplace. As a result, Jansen & Partner’s employees gained the freedom to work flexibly in home offices while staying fully connected. The DATEV integration ensured smooth collaboration and seamless exchange of tax-related data, which is crucial in the daily work of tax consultants.

The adoption of cloud telephony and DATEV integration brought significant benefits to Jansen & Partner Tax Consultants Auditors. Efficiency in work was markedly increased as employees could easily access their telephony and DATEV tools. The newfound ability to work from home improved work-life balance and allowed employees to work more flexibly and productively. Thanks to this solution, Jansen & Partner was able to deliver its services more efficiently and expand its customer base.



The option to work from home not only improved the work-life balance of the employees but also significantly enhanced their flexibility and productivity.