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“Revenue Share Engine” – Lufthansa Cargo

Industry: Air freight

Lufthansa Cargo is a leading global air freight carrier with a network of over 300 destinations in more than 100 countries. The company provides a comprehensive range of air freight services for businesses across all industries. As a reliable partner, Lufthansa Cargo assists companies in transporting their goods securely and punctually worldwide.

Lufthansa Cargo, a leader in global air freight, provides its customers with an extensive network and excellent service. A particular challenge was the manual and time-consuming revenue settlement with various partner airlines. To make this process more efficient, Lufthansa Cargo sought an automated and audit-proof solution for fair revenue distribution.

The solution came from CONVOTIS in the form of the “Revenue Share Engine” (RSE), an automated, web-based software. This innovative solution calculates and distributes revenues automatically according to defined logic and partner agreements, with data being regularly imported and verified. The RSE ensures the highest security standards and transparent calculations.

For Lufthansa Cargo, this solution brings numerous benefits: audit-proof documentation of all transactions and actions, an integrated system without the need for additional consolidation, a significant increase in efficiency and substantial time savings through automation. In addition, the web-based application incurs no hosting costs and provides interfaces for exporting data to external partner systems. The RSE impresses with its flexibility in integrating new partners and adjusting conditions, as well as its ability to scale with increasing freight volumes and the inclusion of additional partners. Despite the tight timeframe of just three months for implementation, it meets all requirements.

In summary, the “Revenue Share Engine” from CONVOTIS is an efficient, secure and flexible solution for automatic revenue distribution in the air freight business. It enables Lufthansa Cargo to manage partnerships transparently, efficiently and flexibly, thereby making a significant contribution to the company’s continued growth.


Efficiency Improvement

The introduction of CONVOTIS’ “Revenue Share Engine” at Lufthansa Cargo leads to a significant improvement in revenue management efficiency. This solution reduces manual effort and susceptibility to errors, allowing for faster and more accurate billing of flight revenues.