Pecovasa Renfe Mercancias

Governance – Pecovasa Renfe Mercancias

Industry: Transportation, specializing in secure automotive traffic

Pecovasa Renfe Mercancías, as part of the Renfe Group, specializes in the secure transportation of cars and is distinguished by its clear customer focus. The company provides national and international transportation services with the highest standards of safety, quality and efficiency. Over 250,000 vehicles have already been transported by Pecovasa Renfe Mercancías.

With the support of CONVOTIS, Pecovasa Renfe Mercancías is undergoing a digital transformation. The innovative project aims to digitize auto transport wagons by introducing a Geopositioning IoT sensor system, promising to revolutionize the industry.

The IoT solution enables agile, precise and efficient control of transportation operations, resulting in high-quality service and additional value for customers. The system provides an information portal that offers customers accurate location information for their goods, enhancing the shipping experience. Furthermore, traceability allows for more efficient preventive and corrective handling of incidents.

Pecovasa Renfe Mercancías’ digital transformation project is funded as part of the Next-Generation Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plans by the European Union through the government. This funding emphasizes the commitment to sustainability and the desire to improve productivity and service quality. Our experts continue to work intensively on developing a comprehensive application to renew the back-office system, enabling more efficient and revolutionary car control. Pecovasa will closely monitor the implementation process and ensure delivery and commissioning are completed by the first half of 2024.

The success story of Pecovasa Renfe Mercancías marks a groundbreaking development in the digitization of rail auto transport. The combination of IoT and cloud technology by CONVOTIS not only promises more efficient management and greater transparency but also a significant improvement in the customer experience.


Location Tracking

The Geopositioning IoT sensor system allows for precise location tracking of the auto transport wagons. This improves the efficiency of transport operations and optimizes the shipping experience for customers.