Cloud Solution– utag Treuhand AG

Industry: Trust and Accounting Services

The utag Treuhand AG offers comprehensive services in accounting, tax work, and business consulting, with its in-depth expertise forming the basis for efficient business decisions. Additionally, the company supports in personnel administration by ensuring accurate payroll processing, reflecting the quality and satisfaction of the employees.

From an already managed on-premise solution, the entire utag infrastructure was migrated to our data center: data, industry applications, and databases.

Since June 2019, all utag employees have been working 100% with virtual desktops in the CONVOTIS Cloud (Tier-4 Level).

One of the many challenges was handling sensitive customer data from utag Treuhand AG securely. This was addressed through multiple controls, redundant data transfers, and detailed checks after the migration into the system. The multitude of different industry applications also posed a challenge. External clients of utag now also access our cloud (to the utag accounting system). In project planning, this required good coordination and organization to ensure that disparate components harmonized with each other.

It was a major adjustment for utag employees, but the system has proven itself, and everyone welcomes the solution. The newfound independence of working was a blessing, especially during times of remote work. Everyone was immediately prepared without additional costs or adjustments.

Today, it is easier for utag Treuhand AG to drive its digitization forward, as there are no longer any concerns regarding IT infrastructure. This has been made possible by the flexibility and scalability of the virtual desktop and its infrastructure in the data center.

Through remote desktop, your employees have access to the virtual desktop from anywhere – that’s how modern work is done.



This was achieved through the complete migration of the utag infrastructure to the CONVOTIS Cloud, allowing employees to access virtual desktops from anywhere, which is particularly beneficial during times of remote work.

"I noted with satisfaction at the beginning of the chaotic phase of the first COVID wave in spring 2020 that, thanks to the active support of CONVOTIS regarding home office work, we were perfectly prepared!

Any downtime or unavailability of central IT systems burdens our business model, as it relies on excellent customer service with fast and centralized process handling. A disruption means a halt to order acceptance or execution for us, resulting in dissatisfied customers.

With CONVOTIS, we have found an IT partner who ensures smooth IT operations for us, thereby securing the success of our business. Many thanks to the CONVOTIS team for their highly professional service and rapid response time."