IT Outsourcing – Varengold Bank AG

Industry: Banking

Varengold Bank AG is a German credit institution with over 100 employees. It was founded in 1995 in Hamburg and maintains a location in Sofia.

The Varengold Bank AG has decided to outsource the complete operation in the areas of Digital Workplace and Infrastructure to CONVOTIS. In the event of any issues, the bank can rely on IT support (first/second/third level) through collaboration with CONVOTIS. Additionally, the network is monitored and managed through our IT Operations Center. Solutions in the areas of IT security, especially ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD), designed by CONVOTIS, have significantly increased the bank’s security while complying with BAFIN requirements and ISO 27001 standards. Varengold Bank AG has optimized its IT infrastructure through these measures, allowing it to focus on its core business while IT tasks are taken care of by experienced experts.


More Efficiently

The outsourcing to CONVOTIS has made IT operations significantly more efficient and reliable.

"By outsourcing our IT operations to CONVOTIS, we were able to focus entirely on our core competencies while benefiting from the expertise and modern technology of our partner. Our IT infrastructure and digital workplaces are now more reliable and secure than ever and our IT support is always available to solve any issues that arise. We made the right decision by choosing CONVOTIS as our outsourcing partner."