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“newERA” – Viseca Card Services SA

Industry: Payment systems

Viseca Card Services SA is a Swiss company that offers payment cards and is 100% owned by Swiss retail and cantonal banks. Viseca provides a wide range of payment cards, including credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards. The company handles the entire card business for its clients, from customer service to fraud prevention.

As a leading Swiss provider of prepaid and credit cards, Viseca Card Services SA faced the challenging task of processing numerous transactions accurately in various foreign currencies on a daily basis. The previous manual approach to importing, verifying and approving exchange rates was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. To make this process more efficient and transparent, Viseca chose to collaborate with CONVOTIS.

CONVOTIS provided the ideal solution with “newERA,” a web-based application based on the arregulo framework. This innovative software automates the entire process of exchange rate determination. It combines numerous useful functions, from managing currency-related data and rules to importing and verifying exchange rates from various sources. Additionally, it offers continuous monitoring of rate movements, ensures seamless traceability of system changes and features a user-friendly interface for displaying and querying exchange rate data, including an export function to Excel.

The introduction of “newERA” has resulted in significant improvements for Viseca: manual processing has been greatly reduced, minimizing the risk of errors. At the same time, transparency and traceability of processes have noticeably improved. Thus, “newERA” plays a central role in the efficient and secure processing of daily foreign exchange transactions, which is essential for Viseca’s continuous growth.



The implementation of CONVOTIS’ “newERA” software at Viseca Card Services SA has led to a significant increase in efficiency in exchange rate management by automating the process and thereby reducing time and resource requirements.

“Despite the tight timeframe, the project met our expectations. The support from CONVOTIS was outstanding. In view of the complex currency constellations, the CONVOTIS employees showed impressive commitment by independently and carefully deriving solutions from sample data, which contributed to a speedy project implementation.”