Tailored cloud solutions and comprehensive IT security to transform your business efficiently and securely.

CONVOTIS optimizes your business continuity management with secure, efficient cloud solutions. We replace traditional IT infrastructures and guarantee data integrity and compliance for a robust, secure digital transformation. Additionally, we provide comprehensive IT security services to protect your digital assets from cyber threats.

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With our Managed Cloud Services, Cloud Consulting and IT Security Services.

Cloud solutions and high-quality cloud services, complemented by comprehensive security services, are essential for modern businesses. CONVOTIS assists you in choosing the right hyperscaler provider with a secure, powerful cloud infrastructure and dedicated IT security measures. Your dynamic work environment benefits from our flexible, tailored infrastructure and easily scalable services, including ongoing security optimization.

Even after choosing a cloud solution, CONVOTIS offers a long-term partnership with comprehensive support, including security consulting, backups, architecture concepts, and continuous security monitoring. Our solutions are suitable for small local businesses to large international corporations and encompass complex migrations with integrated security concepts. With CONVOTIS as your partner, you save resources and costs, pay only for the services you use and benefit from top-notch security services.

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Planning Security

Dynamic requirement fulfillment, flexibility and usage-based cost structure

Efficiency Boost

Modern infrastructure with powerful cloud solutions and high-speed

Security in All Aspects

Guaranteed ransomware security, on-demand restore and GDPR compliance

European Standards

Data centers in Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg, national and international cloud solutions

Proven Partnerships.
Companies that rely on CONVOTIS Cloud Solutions.

Are you looking for scalable cloud solutions? Contact us. CONVOTIS offers scalable cloud services and IT security for efficient business continuity management. Benefit from our cloud consulting for improved protection and efficiency of your digital resources.

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METRO CLOUD Sovereign IT. Secure Future.

Discover Private Cloud

The METRO CLOUD, certified in accordance with ISO-27001 and located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg, represents sovereign IT solutions and ensures a future-proof IT infrastructure. It provides companies with a platform characterized by high security and flexibility, enabling efficient workflows.

Our services are tailored to the individual needs of your company. Thanks to the tailored scalability of our services, you only pay for what you actually use. This flexible adaptability supports the seamless digital development and growth of your business, showcasing our expertise in sovereign IT and ensuring a secure future.

IaaS Managed Cloud.
Trust and Performance.

Our IaaS Managed Cloud solutions offer you a reliable, scalable and fully managed IT infrastructure. We take care of everything – from maintenance to optimization – so you can focus on your core business. Our experts ensure maximum performance and security for your cloud environment.

IaaS Cloud Migration.
Seamless Transition to the Cloud.

The transition to the cloud can be complex. Our IaaS Cloud Migration services make this process easy and secure. We provide customized solutions for migrating your data and applications to the cloud, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

Innovation and Flexibility.

Our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings provide the agility needed to respond quickly to market changes. With our PaaS solutions, developers can create, test and deploy applications faster and more efficiently, supported by our robust and secure cloud infrastructure.

Financial Cloud.
Tailored for the Financial Sector.

The Financial Cloud is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of financial service providers. Our expertise in this area allows us to support banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions in modernizing their IT infrastructure. We not only meet but exceed compliance requirements to provide a secure environment for innovative digital services.

Our presence in Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg underscores our commitment to security and data protection. These locations ensure that our customers' data is managed in strict compliance with local and European data protection laws. This geographical diversification not only provides a high level of data security but also enhances the resilience of our services.

With the Financial Cloud from CONVOTIS, financial service providers benefit from a combination of industry-specific expertise, geographical security and a strong technological foundation, allowing them to lead their business processes efficiently and securely into the digital future.

Azure Cloud Modern data center solutions are hybrid.

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Discover Microsoft's Azure Cloud at CONVOTIS – a platform with over 200 products and cloud services. Ideal for developing cutting-edge solutions and applications, Azure offers an intelligent hybrid approach, allowing the creation and central management of your solutions in almost any cloud environment.

Managed Azure.
Azure operation with CONVOTIS.

At CONVOTIS, we provide specialized support for managing your Azure Cloud environments. Our hybrid cloud experts not only assist in efficiently managing your Azure solutions but also help harness the full potential of Azure services. Whether locally or across multiple clouds, we ensure smooth operation and optimal performance of your Azure infrastructure.

Azure Migration.
Seamless transition.

Azure connects not only Microsoft applications but also supports open-source technologies. This gives you the freedom to continue using your preferred tools and technologies. Use virtually any application with its data source on the operating system of your choice, on a device of your choosing.

Amazon Cloud Shape the future with AWS.

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At CONVOTIS, we offer you the advanced infrastructure solutions of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading hyperscaler cloud. Our AWS solutions encompass advanced technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data lakes, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT). This hybrid solution, combining technology and service, allows your business to scale agilely and digitally. We assist in efficiently distributing your cloud resources and promote seamless integration of national and international solutions.

Managed AWS.
Complete care.

In our Managed AWS service, we focus on the optimal management of your AWS infrastructure. We take care of seamless integration and management of your AWS resources to ensure an efficient, secure and cost-effective cloud environment. With our focused approach to usable and flexible solutions, we ensure a smooth integration of various private cloud infrastructures, allowing you to concentrate on your core business fully.

AWS Migration.
Simple relocation.

Our AWS migration service at CONVOTIS aims to securely and efficiently transition your business to the AWS Cloud. We provide customized solutions for migrating your data, applications and services to the AWS infrastructure. We emphasize strategic planning and implementation to minimize downtime and maximize the performance of your cloud-based resources. With CONVOTIS as your partner, you can be confident that your migration to the AWS Cloud will be seamless and successful.

Google Cloud The cloud platform for innovative minds.

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The Google Cloud Platform, powered by powerful Google hardware, offers a variety of intelligent cloud solutions and services. It is ideal for data processing, storage, application development and more. Especially in areas such as big data, machine learning and IoT, Google, as a hyperscaler provider, offers an innovative and high-performance infrastructure. This platform allows businesses to streamline their digital processes and seamlessly integrate new technologies.

Managed Google Cloud.
Cloud optimization.

Our Managed Google Cloud service at CONVOTIS aims to enable you to make optimal use of Google Cloud infrastructure. We take over the management of your Google Cloud resources, ensure seamless integration into your existing systems and optimize your cloud-based processes. This includes monitoring, security, performance optimization and cost efficiency of your cloud solutions, allowing you to focus on your core business fully.

Google Cloud Migration.
Cloud transfer.

During the Google Cloud migration, CONVOTIS supports your company in transitioning to the Google Cloud. We provide comprehensive migration services ranging from initial planning to final implementation. Our approach is designed to make the migration process as efficient and disruption-free as possible. With our expertise in Google Cloud migration, we ensure a secure and seamless transfer of your data, applications and services to leverage the benefits of the Google Cloud fully.

Cloud Automation Enhancing Cloud Utilization.

Explore Cloud Automation

Make cloud usage more effective. The range of hyperscaler clouds is constantly expanding. Solutions are becoming increasingly specialized and intelligent. Today, it is common practice for a company to operate multiple clouds for various requirements. However, the more clouds, the more complex the infrastructure and handling. CONVOTIS supports you in efficiently managing your clouds, employing modern software tools and methods that automate manual tasks within the cloud infrastructure. This makes cloud usage dynamic, secure and highly efficient.

Security Services Expert Solutions for Your IT Security.

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In a world where cyber threats constantly grow and evolve, it is crucial for businesses to take their IT security seriously. Whether it's protecting corporate networks in multi-cloud or hybrid environments or raising employee awareness of potential cyber threats, CONVOTIS offers tailored solutions.

With a wide range of security solutions and services, CONVOTIS ensures that your IT infrastructure and networks remain secure and resilient at all times.

CONVOTIS Security Shield.
Minimizing Cyber Risks.

Cyber threats are among the greatest challenges for businesses today. Attacks not only occur more frequently but are also becoming more professional and unpredictable. Regardless of the size of your company or whether you operate in multi-cloud or hybrid environments, your corporate networks carry the identity of the business and must be professionally and comprehensively protected. CONVOTIS provides you with a personalized Security Shield that detects attacks using various preventive measures, intelligent tools, and security services, even those that are as yet unknown.

Endpoint Security.
Protection for Every Device.

End devices are often the first line of defense against cyber threats. CONVOTIS offers comprehensive endpoint protection to safeguard your devices effectively – from PCs and servers to mobile devices. Utilizing advanced technologies such as Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and anti-virus systems, we ensure that all end devices are equipped to handle the latest threats. Our Managed Endpoint Security Service includes system inventory, regular patch management and continuous monitoring to detect and prevent security incidents early. With CONVOTIS as your partner, you can trust that your end devices will remain secure and resilient at all times.

Security Awareness Training.
Strengthening Employee Competence.

A hacker posing as a colleague to access personal data (phishing) or an infiltrated link (malware): Around 95% of security breaches are caused by human error. To effectively protect against cyber attacks, it is crucial for all employees to be aware of potential dangers and capable of recognizing and addressing attacks early and independently. With regular video security training, CONVOTIS supports you in sustainably raising awareness among your employees. The concise video training sessions last a maximum of twelve minutes, making them ideal for integration into the work routine.

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