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With extensive experience in the SAP domain, CONVOTIS supports your company as a trusted partner in the implementation and operation of sustainable and future-oriented SAP solutions.

CONVOTIS guides you through all phases of the SAP lifecycle.
With professional consulting and long-term support.

CONVOTIS comprehensively accompanies clients through all phases of the SAP lifecycle, from initial conception to continuous optimization. Tailored license and subscription models allow for flexible adaptation to dynamic SAP developments. Through holistic SAP solutions and consulting, CONVOTIS provides a comprehensive service for future-oriented SAP operations.

Entering the SAP portfolio is often a challenge and even after implementation, continuous maintenance is crucial. Neglected maintenance can lead to high costs. Therefore, CONVOTIS continuously monitors SAP solutions to ensure regular maintenance and important updates that comply with legal requirements such as GDPR and EU regulations.

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Consulting from the first SAP consultation to ongoing SAP operations

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CONVOTIS partnerships typically last at least 15 years

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Over 140 SAP experts and global 24/7 availability of our services

Long-Term Partnerships.
Companies that trust in CONVOTIS’ SAP solutions.

Looking for an experienced SAP partner? Contact us. For many years, CONVOTIS has been supporting various SAP systems independently of platforms and professionally assisting companies in all areas of their SAP applications. Get a non-binding and personal consultation.

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SAP Consulting From Implementation to Operation.

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CONVOTIS has been active in the SAP field for many years and is deeply familiar with various modules. The result is customized SAP solutions tailored to your company, goals and capabilities. Every collaboration primarily aims at your business success. That said, what exactly does SAP consulting entail and what SAP solutions are available? Find out more here.

From Implementation to Operation.
With SAP Application Consulting.

CONVOTIS assists you in implementing SAP solutions, ensuring a straightforward and understandable start. SAP portfolio solutions can process large amounts of data in real time, making them ideal for software application development and integration.

Our SAP experts guide you through all core modules of the portfolio throughout the lifecycle of your SAP applications. If needed, this includes ongoing application support post-GoLive, in addition to conception and implementation.

Custom Development Possibilities.
SAP Development.

There are no limits to SAP development. With technologies such as ABAP Objects, WebDynPro, XI/PI, BTP, or FIORI, CONVOTIS provides suitable solutions for your individual requirements.

Technical Expertise for Your SAP Operation.
SAP Basis Consulting.

CONVOTIS also manages the technical backbone of SAP – from classic on-premise systems to cloud implementation. We are the right partner and specialist for the conception and implementation of your SAP landscape across all SAP platforms. CONVOTIS takes care of complete technical SAP project management. We also ensure the entire SAP Basis operation upon request, covering secure, performant operations, software patches and security-related updates.

SAP Basis Operations SAP Monitoring, Optimization & Support for Seamless Operations.

Learn about Basis Operations

In the digital age, it is crucial for companies to have constant access to their systems and ensure they operate efficiently and smoothly. CONVOTIS understands this necessity and provides tailored SAP services specifically designed to maximize the performance and reliability of your business processes. From our 24/7 Operation Center to advanced monitoring and robust basis support – discover how our expertise can support your business.

24/7 Operation Center.
Operational reliability around the clock.

CONVOTIS provides a 24/7 SAP Operation Center operated by certified SAP Basis experts. This ensures the continuous availability and smooth operation of systems, which is essential for uninterrupted business operations. In collaboration with renowned manufacturers such as Wotan and ServiceNow, continuous support and operational stability are ensured.

Monitoring and Optimization.
Always in view, continuously optimized.

With our monitoring software, WOTAN, we can ensure that your organization or our company is notified of any deviations in system operation as desired. Based on long-term logging, systems can be optimized and incidents reduced.

CONVOTIS Basis Support.
Flexible and reliable in every situation.

At CONVOTIS, technical design meets enterprise architecture design. In topic-specific workshops, you either gain basic knowledge or receive support for the migration and transition of specific projects, such as hybrid cloud. CONVOTIS takes care of the complete technical SAP project management.

SAP Application Management. Business Continuity with CONVOTIS.

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At CONVOTIS, our goal is to become an integral part of our clients' processes and ensure their business continuity. This commitment is reflected in the handling of over 50,000 tickets annually, a clear testament to the trust our clients place in our Application Management Support. CONVOTIS relies on the following success factors:

Efficient Support.
For quick solutions.

In the event of problems, CONVOTIS' efficient ticket system enables swift solutions. Leveraging our extensive experience in transition processes, we effectively support clients in outsourcing their support processes, ensuring tickets are consistently up-to-date and promptly addressed.

Innovation and Best Practices.
For your success.

CONVOTIS experts continually implement technological innovations and best practices across a variety of companies. In regular meetings, we present innovative optimization possibilities and the implementation of the latest technologies. 

Proactive Lifecycle Management.
For resilient systems.

CONVOTIS recommends proactive lifecycle management, encompassing the timely integration of available updates and patches, as well as current software versions. This approach ensures that your systems remain up-to-date, making them less susceptible to issues and maintaining their performance.

Optimized Performance.
At reduced costs.

Our experts continuously work on optimizing the monitoring of all relevant system components – from agreed-upon modules to databases, interfaces and third-party software. This constant fine-tuning reduces the number of requests and tickets, leading to sustainable cost reductions. Efficient system monitoring means fewer tickets and – consequently – lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

SAP Cloud Transformation Striving for Speed.

Off to the cloud?

As your professional partner for "RISE with SAP," CONVOTIS focuses on making the migration of critical business processes to the cloud both smooth and effective. Our goal is to assist companies in realizing the full potential of their SAP investments and achieving their business objectives. With our experienced team and practical solutions, we ensure that our clients benefit from a powerful and future-proof SAP environment.

System House Partner (VAR).
Expert advice and support.

CONVOTIS provides comprehensive consultation for selecting appropriate SAP licenses and offers extensive support for the implementation and customization of SAP systems, whether in brownfield or greenfield projects. In the migration of SAP environments from existing to hybrid or virtual infrastructures, such as Azure, CONVOTIS places significant emphasis on ensuring smooth system functionality.

As a strategic partner, CONVOTIS focuses on optimizing business processes through the use of SAP technologies. This approach leads to a significant increase in efficiency and maximizes the benefits of SAP solutions for the business. Through this continuous support, CONVOTIS enables its customers to overcome business challenges effectively and achieve their goals.

SAP Cloud Integration.
Efficient and seamless in hybrid environments.

At CONVOTIS, the seamless integration of cloud and on-premise systems using platforms such as SAP BTP is a priority. This is particularly relevant when dealing with different data models and protocols. Central to this is the efficient monitoring of the interaction between cloud and on-premise resources to minimize performance issues and downtime.

In the hybrid IT landscape, CONVOTIS places special emphasis on the careful management and coordination of resources. This includes the scalability of cloud resources, which is often easier but requires precise coordination in a hybrid environment. The goal is to avoid excessive costs through overprovisioning while ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. With this approach, CONVOTIS assists companies in effectively and cost-consciously managing their SAP infrastructure.

SAP Solutions Technologies Drive Growth.

Discover SAP Solutions

At CONVOTIS, the development of forward-thinking specialized solutions for various industries and customer segments takes center stage. By leveraging innovative SAP technologies, we create added value that crucially contributes to the growth of our clients. Our solutions are designed to address specific business needs and achieve sustainable success efficiently.

Tax Registers on SAP HANA 

Tax Registers on SAP HANA provide a powerful solution based on the SAP HANA platform. This integration of various SAP technologies such as API, HANA, BOBJ, SAP BW, and HADOOP enables high responsiveness, reliability, and performance in data capture and processing. This solution optimizes tax processes and enhances efficiency in data handling.


Movilizer, a certified mobile SAP business application, operates on the Movilizer platform in the Cloud. This solution offers flexible, mobile work processes seamlessly integrable into existing SAP systems. It allows companies to efficiently control their business operations in real time, thereby significantly increasing productivity and responsiveness in the field.

Innovation Solutions

Innovative solutions are a core area of expertise for CONVOTIS. With extensive experience in areas such as Process Mining and Artificial Intelligence, we deliver advanced, tailored solutions. These innovative approaches enable companies to optimize their processes and effectively leverage new technologies.

SME Solutions with SAP ByD and SAP B1

CONVOTIS offers specialized SME solutions with SAP Business ByDesign (ByD) and SAP Business One (B1). These solutions are ideal for mid-sized companies seeking scalable, cost-effective, and comprehensive ERP systems. They assist in automating and integrating business processes, leading to improved decision-making and business efficiency.

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Efficiency through SAP with CONVOTIS.

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