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Embark on a journey into the world of diverse digital platform solutions with CONVOTIS. We offer advanced solutions such as OpenText, hyperautomation and eCommerce, specifically designed to make your business efficient and future-proof.

Navigating the World of Digital Experience Platform Solutions with CONVOTIS.
Versatile platform solutions for your digital success.

“How can CONVOTIS Digital Experience Platform Solutions help my company overcome digital transformation?”

With our broad spectrum of advanced digital solutions, we support your company at every step of this journey. Whether it’s efficient information management through OpenText, increasing your process efficiency through hyperautomation or developing customized eCommerce systems to propel your online business forward – we have the right tools for you.

Digital platform solutions Your benefits.

Increased efficiency through automation

Relieving your employees and reducing error rates in processing

Customer-centric eCommerce

Increased customer loyalty and revenue growth through optimized shopping experiences

Process optimization with hyperautomation

Enhanced operational efficiency through advanced technologies

Security and compliance

Reliable data management and adherence to compliance standards

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The Perfect Digital Experience Platform for your needs. Our innovative platform solutions revolutionize how businesses interact with their customers. By providing customized digital experiences, we enable seamless and engaging communication across all digital channels. Benefit from our comprehensive expertise.

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OpenText Smart Solutions for the Future

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With OpenText, you optimize your business processes through effective document and information management. This platform allows you to securely store, manage and utilize data, leading to increased business productivity.

Efficiency Boost in Invoice Management.

At CONVOTIS, our VIM solution enables the automation of invoice management to enhance the efficiency of your financial processes. We ensure that your invoice processing becomes faster and more transparent, resulting in optimized cost control.

Centralized Content Management System.

Our ECM and xECM solutions provide a central platform for managing all types of content. They simplify access and information management to strengthen compliance and foster collaboration within the organization.

Secure and Compliant Data Archiving System.

With our archiving solutions, CONVOTIS ensures the long-term preservation of critical business data. The solutions are designed to secure the integrity and availability of your information while supporting compliance with legal requirements.

Flexible Platform for Custom Application Development.

CONVOTIS' AppWorks is a platform that allows you to develop and manage applications rapidly and efficiently. It promotes innovation by providing users with the tools to create tailored solutions for specific business needs.

eCommerce Digital Commerce on the Rise.

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CONVOTIS revolutionizes your online business with tailor-made eCommerce solutions. We assist you in developing a digital strategy and managing your webshop to provide a first-class customer experience. Our eCommerce expertise spans from custom shop development to reliable hosting, complemented by continuous software quality assurance and performance testing, ensuring the security and efficiency of your digital commerce field.

Scaling in Business-to-Business Sales.

We digitize your B2B eCommerce processes, focusing on your business customers to provide a top-notch shopping experience. Your business customers can easily and conveniently place orders in your online shop. We support complex pricing structures and the creation of individual product catalogs. In the administration area, you retain control over master data, orders and evaluations.

Enhancing the Retail Experience.

Aligned with the Omni-Channel strategy, we develop your B2C eCommerce solution. The systems of your IT landscape are integrated into the online shop through robust interfaces. Customer buying experience is of central importance to us, further optimized by our UI/UX partners. Peak loads pose no problem for our solution. Additionally, data analyses from the online shop support your marketing activities.

Hyperautomation Efficiency through Intelligent Automation.

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Hyperautomation at CONVOTIS represents the advanced integration of AI and automation technologies to optimize complex business processes. This technology efficiently automates tasks that previously required human intervention, leading to a significant increase in operational efficiency. With Hyperautomation, we transform your business processes, making them faster, more cost-effective and more error-resistant, ultimately contributing to the enhanced overall performance of your company.

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