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Uncover the power of Data & AI. Revolutionize your business strategies with precise data analytics and advanced AI solutions. Take the next step towards a data-driven future that combines efficiency and innovation.

Innovative Data Analytics and AI Solutions for Forward-Thinking Decisions.
Recognize and harness the full potential of your business data.

Our expertise in Data & AI allows you to gain deep insights into customer behavior and adjust your business strategies accordingly. Using state-of-the-art data analytics and artificial intelligence methods, we help you optimize your operations and maximize profits, all while increasing customer satisfaction.

As leading specialists in the field of Data & AI, we support companies in various industries. We firmly believe that a profound understanding of customer needs and transparent insights into business processes enable us to anticipate market demand for new products and services accurately. The result is a significant improvement in your business metrics and a distinctive advantage over your competitors.

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Innovative Paths with Data & AI:
Customized Solutions from CONVOTIS. Our targeted Data & AI applications offer clear advantages for your business processes. Through precise data analysis and efficient automation, we help you enhance operational performance and make informed decisions. With CONVOTIS, you optimize the potential of your data and strengthen your position in the market.

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Data Architecture Structured Data.

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CONVOTIS enables you to access your data in real time. The swift processing and provision of data reports facilitate your decision-making.

Data ingestion.
The Pioneer of Your Data Integration..

From source identification to strategy implementation, CONVOTIS experts guide you through the entire process of data integration. This journey ranges from initial configuration to integration into your infrastructure, with our experts equipped with the necessary know-how to ensure a smooth transition.

Data transformation.
Your Key to Data Optimization.

We are your partner at every stage of your data transformation journey. Starting with data analysis and structuring, we work on creating flexible and effective solutions to unlock the value of your data. Our team of specialists ensures that data transformation in your organization is both efficient and effective.

Platform modernization.
For Future-Ready Business Processes.

Transform your business into an intelligent entity that relies on platforms supporting the corporate strategy to achieve set goals, thereby facilitating decision-making and business management. Connect with your audience, understand users better, learn from them and work proactively.

Data Consumption Getting the Most Out of Data.

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With Data Consumption, we make complex data understandable and help you recognize patterns and trends at a glance.

Data Visualization.
Your Data at a Glance.

Customized dashboards are the key tool for business management, providing you with information in an easily interpretable way to facilitate data analysis and support decision-making. Manage goals holistically, quickly identify irregularities, and correct them. Increase productivity, monitor data, and make swift decisions with a real impact on your business.

Data Analysis.
For Strategic Decisions.

Unlock your data potential and leverage it for intelligent technology solutions. Our analytical expertise, focused on in-depth data analysis, ensures the technological quality of your project. A precise understanding of your data and its effective utilization are the keys to solving common business problems.

Governance Everything at a Glance.

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We are experts in transparent data management, from identifying data sources to ensuring seamless traceability. CONVOTIS ensures that our clear guidelines and reliable structure form the foundation of your data integrity.

Track the Data Flow.

From identifying data sources to complete traceability, our experts are perfect guides on your data management journey. We start with classifying and documenting data and implementing robust policies and practices. CONVOTIS provides specialized experts to ensure the integrity and security of your data, offering clear traceability and a reliable structure.

Reliable Data Quality.

We research, analyze and work towards consolidating standards to enhance the quality of your data. Starting with a thorough analysis, we adeptly approach the cleansing and enrichment of data, culminating in meticulous quality control processes. We take our mission to increase the quality of your data seriously, guaranteeing accuracy, consistency and reliability, achieving exceptional quality.

AI - Artificial Intelligence The intelligence of Now.

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We are experts in transparent data management, from identifying data sources to ensuring seamless traceability. CONVOTIS ensures that our clear guidelines and reliable structure form the foundation of your data integrity.

Machine Learning.
The Evolution of Data Processing.

Digitizing a process with this technology facilitates business management by providing higher speed and efficiency. The elimination of human intervention in control processes leads to a higher accuracy rate and an improvement in productivity quality. This working method facilitates the execution of very complex tasks that cannot be performed by human beings or are more complex for them.

Generative AI / LLM.
Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence.

Generative artificial intelligence is a reality for many companies. At CONVOTIS, we work from understanding the context to exploring creative possibilities and moving towards implementing next-generation language models. With a dynamic approach, our team aims to advance innovation and creativity through LLM technology, transforming the way we develop and create concepts.

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