Pan-European Billing of Trailer Commissions – Allianz Global Investors in Europe  

Industry: Financial services

Allianz Global Investors (AGI), with assets under management of over 498 billion euros, represents expertise in asset management with offices in over 25 countries worldwide. As a leading company in the asset management industry, AGI faced the challenge of implementing a pan-European, harmonized system for the billing of trailer commissions.

Country-specific, disparate calculation methods and separate billing tools in various European branches characterized the initial situation. This heterogeneity complicated process harmonization and led to inefficient workflows.

AGI opted for the implementation of calculo, a modern and highly configurable fee management platform from Sowatec. Calculo allowed AGI to automate and standardize compensation processes and calculation rules while accommodating country-specific differences. The solution replaced redundant IT systems, reduced costs and met high audit requirements.

The introduction of calculo was a significant step towards increasing efficiency and reducing risks. It harmonized billing processes across Europe, enabling monthly or quarterly payments to approximately 530 distributors and facilitating billing for the nine European AGI country organizations.

The implementation of pan-European billing of trailer commissions at Allianz Global Investors revealed significant challenges arising from different systems and methods in various countries. Before the implementation of calculo, these differences led to discrepancies and significant manual effort. With the introduction of calculo, Allianz Global Investors successfully standardized processes across different countries.

"The implementation of calculo was a crucial step for us. The expertise and constructive exchange with Sowatec were decisive for the success of this project. Through the automation and harmonization of our processes, we have significantly increased our efficiency."