eCommerce Solutions – Betty Bossi

Industry: Food and household goods industry

In 1956, the renowned Swiss culinary company Betty Bossi has been accompanying connoisseurs on their journey to culinary delight. With over 125 dedicated employees across 22 branches, Betty Bossi provides a diverse range of products and services – from inspiring recipe ideas and practical kitchen tools to high-quality food products. With more than 2,500 recipes created annually, every connoisseur can find exactly what they are looking for.

With over 15 million visitors and 2.5 million customers annually, Betty Bossi relies on a reliable system. Our experts at CONVOTIS took on the challenge and actively supported the extensive ERP and eCommerce project. The revamping of the eCommerce platform and adjustments to the ERP system allow for a smooth shopping experience and efficient management without compromising the top-notch service. Advanced solutions were implemented for email marketing to enable personalized messages for more than 35 million newsletters per year. These adjustments strengthen customer engagement and optimize digital communication.

Betty Bossi’s Content Management offers an impressive collection of over 300,000 assets, including 100,000 images, managed efficiently through optimized digital asset management. This creates a flexible foundation for the cross-media utilization of extensive digital resources. The seamless integration into the Loyalty Management System Coop Supercard not only deepened customer loyalty but also created additional incentives for long-term consumption.

This collaborative success story emphasizes how innovative IT adjustments not only lay the groundwork for sustainable success but also ensure the stability of IT systems and provide room for future growth.

"The complexity and scope of our ERP and eCommerce project posed significant challenges for the joint team. With CONVOTIS, we have a reliable IT partner with extensive expertise by our side, with whom we ultimately mastered this mammoth task very well. Through professionalism, flexibility and creativity in thinking and acting, solutions that were both technically impressive and economically convincing were found. Dear CONVOTIS Team, thank you very much for your dedication to Betty Bossi. We look forward to continuing the excellent collaboration with CONVOTIS as our IT partner."