Billing-Automation in Asset Management – Vontobel Asset Management AG

Industry: Financial services

The Vontobel Asset Management AG, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, is a renowned company in the asset management sector, known for its global presence and deep-rooted Swiss heritage. With a rich tradition dating back to 1924, Vontobel has evolved into a leading expert in asset management, active asset management and the provision of tailored investment solutions.

The Vontobel Asset Management AG, headquartered in Switzerland with a global presence, faced a significant technical challenge. The task was to automate the manual and time-consuming fee calculation processes for over a hundred institutional investors.

To tackle this challenge, Vontobel opted for a collaboration with CONVOTIS. As an experienced expert in financial software solutions, CONVOTIS not only successfully implemented the Fee Management solution calculo but also provided comprehensive support throughout the entire project. This significantly eased the additional burden of the demanding project.

In addition, CONVOTIS was able to contribute its expertise in Business Rules Management (BRM) technology effectively. This was implemented in close coordination with Vontobel’s internal IT team. The knowledge transfer enabled Vontobel to ensure an efficient and automated fee calculation process.
The automation of these processes led to a significant increase in efficiency and accuracy in fee billing. Especially in the institutional sector, administrative efforts and processing times were significantly reduced.

This represents a significant milestone for Vontobel and is an impressive testament to the efficiency and success of the project undertaken.

"Through the collaboration with CONVOTIS and the implementation of calculo, we were able to streamline our fee calculation processes significantly. The professionalism and commitment of CONVOTIS were outstanding and contributed significantly to the successful implementation of the project. Based on this positive experience, we can wholeheartedly recommend CONVOTIS for software solutions in the financial sector."