We are speaking with Thomas Friedlmayer, Group Executive Industry Practice SAP at CONVOTIS, about shaping the future: trends for 2023, innovation, and talent development.

Dear Thomas, at the beginning, we would like to introduce you to our readers.

Since May, I have been working as the Group Executive for “Industry Practice SAP” at CONVOTIS.

After completing my studies in Commerce at WU Vienna, I started my career as a consultant, salesperson, and entrepreneur, handling numerous challenging projects in these roles. My career led me to international areas of the IT industry, particularly in the SAP field. In recent years, I have worked in various leadership positions in the IT industry, including as PU Head for Digital Solutions & SAP Services at T-Systems International and as Regional Sales Director for CEE at Cornerstone OnDemand.


With your extensive industry experience, we are very interested in your assessment of the trends. What will the year 2023 bring?

In 2023, there will be a continued high demand for high-quality IT services, especially in the SAP environment, due to the manufacturer’s cloud and maintenance strategy.

There will be comprehensive disruption through new AI applications in many business fields and industries. Additionally, both customers and service providers will face a massive shortage of skilled professionals.


Why did you come to CONVOTIS? How do you perceive the company, and what are your priorities regarding the mentioned trends at CONVOTIS?

My decision to join CONVOTIS was motivated by the unique blend of start-up dynamics and the stability of an established corporation. I particularly appreciate the positive corporate culture, which not only exists on paper but is actively lived.

CONVOTIS is characterized by high quality and extensive experience and places special emphasis on effective talent management. Our most valuable asset is dedicated employees, whom we support and value through targeted development opportunities. Our goal is to retain the best talents in our company, provide them with opportunities for personal and professional growth, and support them on their journey.

Continuous growth of our teams, both organically and through strategic acquisitions, is essential for us to be successful in the market.

Innovation is a crucial aspect of our work. It is important for us to stay up-to-date and develop new solutions based on “S/4HANA” and artificial intelligence. We implement agile pilot projects that quickly bring a return on investment and pave the way for future progress.


From your perspective, what opportunities arise from the newly integrated companies?

Quality, stability, and sustainability are at the forefront in both operations and projects involving customers and employees who have been working closely together for over 15 years. With my 25 years of experience, my passion for fair business relationships, and my continued enthusiasm for technology, I fit perfectly into this company. “I have come to stay.” Therefore, I warmly invite all interested parties to contact me directly.