The question that always arises is: Why should we change anything when everything is working fine? What if we could help you to get even more out of your business, to reach your full potential?

Digitization has led to many changes in our everyday lives, including in HR’s area of responsibility. For example, HR and business strategy can be better aligned. HR is also becoming better networked within the company, processes can be designed more efficiently.

Used correctly, services for your HR can provide you with major benefits. In this article, we will explain to you what these opportunities are in detail and how you can use them for your company.

How digital HR services save time and money

  • Decreasing costs:

Digitization in the HR area not only leads to you saving on materials such as paper. Much greater savings take place in “time”. For example, digital HR services lead to optimized workflows and a more efficient distribution of the workload. Documents that previously had to be painstakingly gathered and, in the worst case, sent from one location to the next, can now be found in a structured document system. They are only a mouse click away and can be processed by several employees at the same time.

  • Work distribution and processes – efficient and optimized:

HR managers know, recruiting today means much more than placing ads and waiting. Instead, it requires various recruiting activities, such as employer branding or social recruiting, to name just two. This takes time. Time that is not available in the required amount because tasks – such as administrative activities – get in the way. These could easily be eliminated. Using self-administration portals, such as the digital personnel file or travel expense management, HR processes can be simplified and accelerated at the same time, saving several hours of work time.

  • Fast processing with authorities:

HR departments work with very sensitive data and documents, which need to be transported securely from A to B. In the past, these documents had to be transported by postal mail, but today all the necessary data can be sent to the relevant authorities quickly and securely. And at the push of a button. Tax, data protection and social security obligations can be easily complied with, and ready-made templates for future rapid processing can be created and stored.

  • Decision-making made easy:

It is not unusual for HR and management to have to make important decisions. These are supported by the presentation of all important information in the form of evaluations, key figures and statistics. With the help of the comprehensive overview, medium and long-term planning can be designed and well-founded decisions can be made. Opportunities for improvement can be identified and optimization measures determined. This saves effort and costs.

  • More quality – less effort

Payroll accounting is an important task in HR. For correct payroll, a large amount of data from all employees in the company must be processed in a timely manner. With the right software solution, problems such as error-proneness, high time expenditure and, in the worst case, penalties, are a thing of the past. Information is collected, updated and presented in a clearly arranged manner. This facilitates both the access and the evaluation of the accounts.

In summary, this means that a modern HR today works with a cloud. The information and functions provided are accessible – anywhere, anytime, and via various end devices. This in turn enables flexible working, makes it easier to retrieve and manage data, and improves data security.


P&I LOGA3 – Your tool for efficiency

P&I LOGA3 is a high-quality software solution for human resources. It is an integrated software solution with a user-friendly interface. The software convinces with its modern design and can be freely customized according to your needs. With the integrated self-service function, P&I LOGA3 enables your employees to independently record and enter e.g. absences or travel expenses, as well as to retrieve important information. This leads to more flexible and modern corporate communication.


Are you interested in a more efficient way of working? Would you like to optimize your processes and thus increase your output?

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