Interview with Managing Director Thomas Griesinger


Dear Thomas, BÜROTEX is part of the CONVOTIS Group. What solutions does BÜROTEX bring in?

BÜROTEX is the expert for the digitalization of business processes. In doing so, we support companies in their digital transformation and help them optimize business goals with customized solutions.

In addition, we bring many years of experience and expertise in the area of content management. “Enterprise Content Management” – ECM for short – provides companies with various technical tools and functions that help them exchange, communicate and collaborate within their organization.

Furthermore, BÜROTEX enables fast and secure processing of electronic invoices (eBilling) and their exchange and archiving. We offer a solution that automatically recognizes, classifies and distributes incoming invoices. This can greatly shorten business processes, as the respective invoices are forwarded directly to the departments.

Managed services, service desk including 24×7 support and IT security are also part of BÜROTEX’s portfolio. In total, BÜROTEX brings more than 1,000 digital services and over 10 million monthly invoice transactions, and the resulting know-how, to the CONVOTIS Group.


The focus of CONVOTIS is on the optimization of business processes. How does BÜROTEX fit into the CONVOTIS portfolio?

It fits 100 percent, because we have made it our goal to unite processes of customers and their metamarkets. We take care that the processes of payment flows and invoice approvals of suppliers and large corporations run smoothly. For example, personnel files, some of which are still analog today, can be captured digitally. In addition, content, regardless of format and whether digital or analog, can be integrated into the digital workflow of companies.


What synergies will result from joining the CONVOTIS Group?

The merger creates very strong leverage, as we are much more quick-witted, effective and, above all, able to deliver. Nowadays, it is often not just about the price issue, but also about how to deliver the digital changes in companies. So, with the large team and the enormous expertise, we can ensure the supply of much larger companies in the future. In addition, we can better assist companies in their growth process because we have new opportunities and resources as a cross-regional player.


What opportunities arise for customers within BÜROTEX, but also for customers of other CONVOTIS subsidiaries as a result of the new constellation?

The multitude of specialists results in a great competitive advantage, as we bring along a very broad know-how. Both existing customers of the individual companies and new customers of the CONVOTIS Group will benefit from the harmonization of products and services, as all of them can draw added value from the bundled experience.


What are three keywords that come to your mind about BÜROTEX and CONVOTIS respectively?

In BÜROTEX our slogan is “Always a touch more sympathetic”. According to the motto “we get it right”, the satisfaction of our customers is the highest priority. When I think of CONVOTIS, I see the tremendous motivation to make a difference. I see the pure joy of a great enterprise, which can provide an expanded portfolio through the merger, which would never have been possible in the region all by itself. Finally, I see CONVOTIS as an opportunity to leave my personal island, to meet new people and to look at the world with open eyes.