Quality improvement, increasing competitive opportunities, and enhanced growth prospects. In our news article ‘Opportunities for cour company through cloud computing’, we highlighted the importance of cloud computing in today’s market and delved into its advantages.

Today, we take it a step further and show you why the selection of the provider should be well thought out and what risks you can avoid with the right partner by your side.

Cloud is not equal to cloud

Data and digital services play a central role in our business environment. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully examine and select cloud providers. By doing so, you not only ensure that the cloud meets the requirements of your company but also avoid potential risks such as:

  • Privacy risks: Companies not opting for sovereign cloud services risk storing and processing their sensitive data in countries with less strict data protection regulations, increasing the risk of privacy breaches.
  • Legal difficulties: Lack of sovereignty in cloud services can have legal consequences, especially regarding national or international regulations, leading to fines and damage to reputation.
  • Cybersecurity risks: Inadequate security measures in the cloud infrastructure pose significant risks for cyberattacks, data leaks, and sabotage. Companies neglecting security expose themselves to the substantial risk of becoming victims of cybercriminals, causing financial losses and affecting trust among customers and business partners.
  • Competitive disadvantages: Companies at a disadvantage due to the lack of sovereignty and security in their cloud infrastructure may lose market share and struggle to keep up with competitors.

Sovereignty in the cloud: A decisive criterion

Given the mentioned risks, it becomes evident that choosing the right cloud provider is crucial to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and security of your company’s data. In this context, the METRO CLOUD emerges as an outstanding solution, focusing on sovereignty and security.

  • Sovereign connection and integration: With METRO CLOUD, you can ensure that your sensitive data and critical business applications are hosted in a secure and sovereign environment, reducing privacy risks and retaining full control over data protection.
  • Fast and seamless migration: The smooth transition to METRO CLOUD allows you to increase security standards while protecting your existing applications and processes. This helps avoid legal difficulties and ensures compliance with regulations.
  • Individual customer care: METRO CLOUD offers not only technical solutions but also personalized advice to ensure that your cloud strategy aligns with the highest security standards. This minimizes cybersecurity risks and protects your business from potential attacks and data leaks.
  • Highest security and data protection in Germany: By hosting your data in ISO-27001-certified data centers in Hamburg, METRO CLOUD ensures the physical and legal security of your data. This not only minimizes privacy and legal risks but also provides you with control and sovereignty over your business data.

In a time where data and digital services are crucial for business success, METRO CLOUD offers the solution to the challenges of digitization. It provides companies with the necessary sovereignty and security to protect their business data and shape their digital future. Explore METRO CLOUD and learn how it can optimize your business processes and lead your company on a secure and successful journey to the cloud.


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