Digital HR Transformation – ARZ Haan AG

Industry: Healthcare services

With over 50 years of experience and the highest security standards, ARZ Haan AG positions itself as a reliable partner for more than 18,000 customers in the healthcare sector. “PLAN E – Health Digital”: With a focus on innovative software solutions and groundbreaking collaborations, the ARZ Group actively shapes the future.

Against the backdrop of digital transformation, the ARZ Group faced the challenge of modernizing and digitizing its human resources processes to increase operational efficiency while creating a future-proof work environment for its employees.

To realize this transformation, ARZ Haan AG chose CONVOTIS as its solution partner, implementing the powerful P&I Loga Software to provide an all-in-one solution for HR. The partnership aimed to deliver a comprehensive package of HR services, including the LOGA3 portal, digital personnel files, applicant management, workforce planning and payroll processing, offering a complete takeover of HR processes.

Thanks to CONVOTIS’ expertise in HR SaaS and Managed Services combined with the powerful P&I Loga Software, ARZ Haan AG successfully integrated and automated its HR processes seamlessly. This solution allowed for efficient and centralized handling of human resource management tasks, from hiring new employees to payroll processing.

Improved efficiency

and accessibility

By implementing the LOGA3 portal and digital personnel files with the help of CONVOTIS, ARZ Haan AG was able to reduce processing times for payroll and HR reporting significantly. This not only increased transparency but also simplified access to information for the workforce.

"Through the collaboration with CONVOTIS, we were able to improve and digitize our HR processes significantly. The solution provided not only led to increased efficiency but also enhanced employee satisfaction by providing access to innovative HR tools. The flexibility and scalability of the services have allowed us to keep pace with the demands of our growing company."