IT Outsourcing – Fahrrad XXL

Industry: Manufacturing and distribution of bicycles

Fahrrad XXL, a company with 1,500 employees and more than 15 locations, turned to CONVOTIS to modernize its IT infrastructure and security solutions.

CONVOTIS has provided a comprehensive solution based on products from Microsoft, Sophos, Veeam, and VMware.

The solution includes the deployment of managed firewalls at all locations, central antivirus solutions for more than 1200 clients, and a central VPN gateway for over 1500 employees. Additionally, CONVOTIS supported Fahrrad XXL in implementing the central virtual data center, including network and security.

The terminal environment with over 400 simultaneous users, as well as the central internet breakout for more than 15 branches and over 1500 employees, was also provided and supported by CONVOTIS.

By modernizing the IT infrastructure and security solutions, Fahrrad XXL was able to improve the efficiency and security of its IT systems. CONVOTIS also supported the company with consulting services and support for the deployed solutions.


More Secure

By providing managed firewalls and central antivirus solutions, IT security was significantly improved.

"The collaboration with CONVOTIS has helped us modernize our IT infrastructure and security solutions. The solution has provided us with a secure and efficient IT infrastructure that meets our requirements. We are very satisfied with the collaboration and the results," says the management of Fahrrad XXL."