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Cloud-based infrastructure – gwp group

Industry: Financial services

gwp group has opted for a comprehensive modernization of its IT infrastructure to enhance data security, increase efficiency and reduce IT costs. In collaboration with CONVOTIS, a cloud-based infrastructure has been implemented, allowing gwp to respond more flexibly to business requirements and utilize resources more efficiently.

gwp faced the need for a significant modernization of its existing on-premise infrastructure, which was neither flexible nor easy to manage in its previous form. This was particularly critical when it came to protecting sensitive financial data from cyber attacks and data loss. In this situation, CONVOTIS offered a suitable solution: a cloud-based infrastructure characterized by flexibility, scalability and the highest data security, thanks to hosting in a secure Swiss data center.

Alongside the improvement of security and manageability, gwp also aimed to optimize IT costs. The introduction of CONVOTIS’ cloud solution proved to be key to cost reduction. It eliminated the high expenses for maintenance and modernization of the old infrastructure, bringing not only significant financial relief but also noticeably increasing gwp’s overall operational efficiency.

Thanks to the implementation of CONVOTIS’ cloud-based solution, gwp has made significant progress. The IT team can now focus more effectively on strategic projects as everyday tasks are simplified through the cloud. Employees enjoy greater flexibility, being able to access crucial data and applications anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the state-of-the-art security technology in the CONVOTIS data center ensures comprehensive data protection. This innovation not only leads to considerable cost savings but also enhances gwp’s overall efficiency.


Cost Savings

By introducing CONVOTIS’ cloud-based solution, gwp achieves significant cost savings, thereby improving operational efficiency by eliminating the previous high expenses for maintenance and modernization.

“As a professional service company, we advise and support financial service providers in complying with financial market regulations and regulatory requirements. For our day-to-day operations, it is crucial that our IT environment is accessible at all times, securely and efficiently from all locations. To meet these requirements, you need the right IT partner.

With CONVOTIS, we not only have an expert in IT environments and security by our side but also a competent full-service provider in all areas. Thanks to the quick and flexible response to our requirements and needs, we no longer have to worry about IT matters but can focus on the core business. We appreciate the short communication channels as well as the fair conditions and would like to thank the entire CONVOTIS team for the always pleasant and professional collaboration.

We at the gwp group highly recommend CONVOTIS as an IT partner."