Data Consumption & Architecture – HOFF

Industry: Fashion retail

The company HOFF, founded in Spain in 2016, not only offers bags, clothing and accessories but also high-quality sneaker creations that combine style, comfort and environmental awareness. With 28 locations in various countries, HOFF encourages people to express their creativity and unfold themselves.

To provide an even better service to their customers, HOFF is embracing digital transformation with the help of CONVOTIS. Our experts provided a BI project recognition service – a robust, secure and scalable data platform that encompasses all departmental data from HOFF for management, utilization and goal monitoring while also providing a 360-degree view of corporate data.

The key component of this digital transformation was the implementation of an innovative dashboard tool that not only collects and analyzes data but also visualizes it. This tool allows for real-time monitoring of crucial corporate data, enabling quick responses to market trends and consumer behaviour.
Real-time monitoring helps swiftly identify issues, areas for improvement and growth opportunities. This enhances operational efficiency and significantly increases profitability. Additionally, trends and consumer behaviour are identified, which are crucial to shaping business strategy and operations. The clear and visual representation of progress strengthens the team’s focus and motivates them to achieve the desired results.

Through collaboration with CONVOTIS, HOFF has adeptly responded to technological changes and is now benefiting from the opportunities presented in the digital world. HOFF has clearly positioned itself as an industry leader.



The holistic perspective encompasses all data for the control, application and monitoring of goals and also offers a range of advantages in terms of stability, security and scalability.