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eCommerce – PKZ

Industry: Textile retail

Since 1881, the family-owned fashion house PKZ has been influencing the fashion industry in Switzerland. Known for its men’s collection, which was exported throughout Europe, PKZ merged with renowned fashion manufacturers in 2014 and opened the largest women’s fashion store in Switzerland. In addition to physical stores, PKZ operates an online shop, publishes the fashion magazine “INSIDE,” and regularly organizes fashion events with top stylists.

For its digital modernization, PKZ sought a reliable partner who could seamlessly integrate its online presence with its offline retail experience. CONVOTIS took on the challenge and provided PKZ with a robust eCommerce platform that not only enhances the customer shopping experience but also simplifies operational processes.

CONVOTIS developed a user-friendly interface for PKZ’s online shop, incorporating multiple search functions, filters, wish lists and watch lists. The platform seamlessly integrates Six Saferpay’s payment solutions to ensure a secure and smooth transaction process for customers.

Thanks to the modernized eCommerce platform, PKZ has strengthened customer loyalty, increased conversion rates and fostered brand loyalty. Moreover, the integrated system has streamlined operational processes, reduced manual tasks and overall enhanced efficiency. The collaboration between PKZ and CONVOTIS serves as an example of the power of technology in leading a traditional business into the digital era. By embracing innovation and partnering with a trusted technology provider, PKZ has not only modernized its eCommerce presence but also solidified its position as a trailblazer in the Swiss fashion industry.



The combination of the digital and physical shopping worlds creates a more comprehensive and engaging customer experience, resulting in increased conversion rates and stronger customer loyalty.

"Our goal in partnering with CONVOTIS is to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience. With the current nopCommerce eCommerce platform, we have laid the foundation for this while bringing our customers closer to our requirements for a fashion store. Thanks to the close collaboration and cooperation, CONVOTIS supports us in meeting our needs and, in particular, developing them continuously to meet the requirements of our customers."