DMS Conversion – PMPG

Industry: Tax consulting

Transparent, personal and understandable. PMPG advises on taxes, law and business with approximately 300 employees across 10 locations. To elevate their data security and performance to a new level, the company collaborated with CONVOTIS.

PMPG has been supporting its clients in a clear and transparent manner for more than 45 years. In order to continue providing the best service to their clients, technological advancements were necessary, including the update of DATEV DMS. For the transition to the new DATEV DMS, CONVOTIS took into account both the significant amount of sensitive data and the working methods of the PMPG team. In this way, our experts facilitated a smooth transition and further optimizations.

PMPG achieved an additional significant advancement with the integration of Microsoft 365 in collaboration with CONVOTIS. By utilizing Microsoft Teams, ideal conditions were created to present the internal organization in a clear and modern way despite the extensive number of employees. CONVOTIS impressed with its careful and fast approach and has been providing support not only technically but also with ideas and recommendations for constant improvement.



Optimized performance thanks to DATEV DMS – shorter processing times, accelerated document search and reduction of duplicate work.

"With CONVOTIS, we have gained a reliable and professional service provider. The decades of experience their experts bring to the tax consulting industry attest to solid know-how. This allows us to sleep very well overall and give a clear recommendation!"