IT Outsourcing – STS Elektro AG

Industry: Electrical services

As a comprehensive electrical company based in Kriens, Lucerne, STS Elektro AG operates throughout Switzerland in the field of electrical installations, offering a wide range of electrical services. With over 80 employees, STS Elektro AG serves private households, SMEs and large companies, specializing in new constructions, renovations, as well as maintenance and servicing. Additionally, the company possesses expertise in electrical installations for industrial facilities, medical practices, hospitals and laboratories.

In 2021, STS Elektro AG sought a reliable provider for their IT infrastructure and found a trusted partner in CONVOTIS. Since March 2022, the company has been benefiting from a seamless collaboration, which began with a smooth migration of the existing infrastructure over an extended weekend and commenced with fully operational virtual workplaces on Monday.

For STS Elektro AG, which has over 80 employees, CONVOTIS manages and maintains the virtual workplaces of all internal employees, which are equipped with Office 365. Additionally, CONVOTIS provides day-to-day support to STS Elektro AG through their service level agreement, assisting with any issues that arise.

In turn, CONVOTIS AG is now a customer of STS Elektro and has been equipped with office and desk lamps. This successful partnership is characterized by mutual commitment, trust, and top-notch support.



Thanks to the partnership with CONVOTIS, there has been a significant increase in efficiency in daily operations through professional support and comprehensive assistance.

"Our successful collaboration is characterized by mutual commitment and trust. Thanks to the early evaluation of our requirements for IT infrastructure, applications and permission structures, initial solution approaches could be conceived and implemented very quickly.

Since then, CONVOTIS has impressed us with the reliability of their systems, their employees and their first-class, dedicated support. Additionally, CONVOTIS has become a customer of STS Elektro. Thus, we had the opportunity to equip the company with office and floor lamps."