With geiger BDT, CONVOTIS has a perfect partner to complete the portfolio in the area of DATEV. With the new services in the area of DATEV, we are also expanding our portfolio for HR solutions. Thus, we use both P&I Loga technology and DATEV technology to offer HR solutions, IT systems, as well as optimization of law firm organization according to customer needs.

The extensive IT competencies, including PARTNERasp system hosting, since 2009, not only allow us to expand our company geographically in the Germany area, but also enable us to expand our customer base. As a leading DATEV Solution Partner in the areas of DATEV Eigenorganisation comfort, DATEV Cloud applications and DATEV DMS, geiger BDT GmbH proves to be a high-quality support for the professional range of services offered by CONVOTIS. When advising and supporting its customers, geiger also looks beyond DATEV for complementary solutions.

About geiger BDT:

The company was founded in 1978 by Heiner Geiger and has been working closely with tax firms, auditors and lawyers ever since. Since 1991, geiger BDT has been a DATEV system partner and since 2008, it has also been a DATEV Solution Partner. With over 100 employees, more than 13,000 users at more than 600 customers are supported and advised in their IT concerns. geiger stands for partnership – many current customers have been on the path with geiger since the company was founded. Thus, geiger BDT has been a trusted IT and technology provider, around DATEV and beyond, for tax firms throughout Germany for 44 years.