HANA Migration & S/4-Conversion –
ERGO Versicherung AG

Industry: Insurance

ERGO Versicherung AG, based in Vienna with around 600 employees, faced a comprehensive technical challenge.

The complex task was to accomplish the migration and conversion of SAP ERP 6.0 EHP8 from Windows/MSSQL to the more advanced platform, S/4HANA.

To tackle this challenge, ERGO Versicherung decided to collaborate with CONVOTIS. As a proven expert in IT services, CONVOTIS not only successfully managed the migration and conversion with the internal SAP Basis team and other external partners but also provided continuous operational support throughout the project to handle the additional workload of this demanding project.

Additionally, CONVOTIS was able to contribute its extensive HANA expertise effectively. Together with the internal infrastructure team, they implemented the latest SAP HANA recommendations, enabling ERGO Versicherung to ensure successful SAP HANA operations.

The transition of the BW system to HANA and the conversion to S/4 HANA accelerated initial data loads by an impressive 50% and delta loads by 30%.

This represents a significant milestone and serves as an impressive testament to the efficiency and success of the project carried out.

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Through the migration and conversion
from SAP ERP to S/4HANA, the initial
data load in the BW system has been
considerably accelerated.

"CONVOTIS supported us during the S/4HANA conversion and the parallel SAP BW HANA migration. The collaboration was characterized by high professionalism and commitment. Thanks to their expertise and efficient operational support, a timely transition of our systems to SAP HANA was made possible. Based on this positive experience, we wholeheartedly recommend CONVOTIS for consulting services in the SAP Basis area."

"I enjoy working with CONVOTIS because they have extensive experience and expertise in SAP solutions, leading to efficient and high-quality collaboration. Additionally, I value their proactive and customer-oriented approach, as well as their broad SAP Basis expert pool."

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