Your company is heading into the future – is your HR department keeping up?

Why digitize HR? It's simple: human resources form the core of your business. Ultimately, it's the knowledge, skills and motivation of your employees that determine whether your organization is successful and future-ready.

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CONVOTIS, an established technology and service provider in the D-A-CH region, offers tailor-made HR system solutions that make companies more efficient, saving resources and costs. With over 20 years of experience and over 1,000,000 annual payroll transactions, CONVOTIS specializes in digital solutions and IT service projects for HR services.

The approach is to act as a partner in contrast to classic service providers, working closely with clients to develop individually tailored solutions – whether for expanding existing payroll systems or implementing comprehensive system solutions for process integration.

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Service Level

The complete spectrum of P&I LOGA modules at all service levels, from support to Full BPO

Payroll processing

Over 1,000,000 payroll transactions per year


GDPR-compliant, certified data centers and expert teams based in Germany

Audited and standardized processes

Over 200 partnerships.
Companies that rely on the HR solutions and services provided by CONVOTIS.

HR management has never been easier, safer, and more efficient. CONVOTIS simplifies and streamlines your personnel work and that of your employees. Our qualified HR experts are here to advise you, understand your individual needs and present tailor-made HR solutions. Contact us.

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HR Solution Consulting Your path to legal certainty and streamlined HR processes.

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With HR consulting, CONVOTIS accompanies you from the beginning through to the secure implementation of the digital HR solution P&I LogaHR. These solutions accurately map all existing HR processes and CONVOTIS ensures compliance with current and future legal obligations, resulting in significant time savings in daily operations.

Analysis, process and structural consulting

CONVOTIS' consulting team analyzes your HR processes and develops recommendations for HR digitization with P&I LogaHR based on the findings.

Customization & Migration

Whether you are starting the digitization of HR or transitioning from an existing HR solution, CONVOTIS implements your HR processes in P&I LogaHR and ensures the transfer of all your HR data.

Implementation and Introduction

CONVOTIS supports the HR team in the daily use of P&I LogaHR. While employees save a significant amount of time, leaders also benefit from valuable reports from P&I LogaHR.

Security & Support

CONVOTIS ensures compliance with legal changes through Legal Change Packages (LCP) and is available to support the HR team with any questions.

HR Application Management For the professional digitization of your HR.

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Relieve your IT department of burdens by entrusting hosting, maintenance and support into another pair of hands. In collaboration with CONVOTIS, you receive a usage license for the software, while CONVOTIS takes care of regular software maintenance and ensures compliance with legal regulations.

Any changes through LCP (Legal Change Packages) are considered in a timely manner. If your HR team has questions or needs assistance, CONVOTIS support, with a dedicated customer representative, is available via email or phone. Below, you'll find all the advantages at a glance.

HR Business Process Outsourcing Save capacities with outsourcing.

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We offer you the complete spectrum of P&I LOGA modules at all service levels to ensure that every aspect of your HR management is efficiently covered. Our four specific service levels are designed to meet different requirements and complexity levels within your business.

As your "extended workbench," CONVOTIS provides comprehensive support in payroll and salary accounting, including the integration of DATEV systems. This collaboration allows you to free up valuable resources and focus on the core business of your firm.

Payroll Services based on P&I Loga

Level 1
Professional Support/HR Consulting: Your entry with CONVOTIS. If you are already using LOGA and need support in the professional and/or technical management of the system, we are your partner.

Level 2
ASP (Application Service Provider):
In addition to Professional Support, CONVOTIS provides you with a LOGA HR system. Hosting of LOGA HR and application updates are the responsibility of CONVOTIS.

Level 3
Light BPO (Payroll): In addition to the ASP solution, we also assist you in processing payroll and salary accounting, as well as in reporting.

Level 4
Full BPO (Payroll):
Focus entirely on strategic HR work and leave payroll and salary accounting to CONVOTIS.

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