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With over 40 years of expertise and know-how, CONVOTIS leads IT innovation for digital law firms. As a certified DATEV Solution Partner, we provide specialized knowledge and tailored solutions to support your flexibility and focus on day-to-day operations.

Together, we drive the digitization and optimization of your law firm processes, always prioritizing the highest IT and data security. Rely on our proven expertise to shape your law firm effectively for the future.


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The working world is becoming more digital than ever. New opportunities, increased efficiency, quality, sustainability and flexible working are just some of the benefits that come with this development. Benefits that also contribute to the profitability and future viability of law firms.

As a steadfast partner, CONVOTIS assists you with individual IT solutions, IT outsourcing and IT services to help you digitalize your law firm. Thanks to maximum efficiency and high transparency, you save valuable resources and costs while simultaneously reducing security risks.
As a certified DATEV Solution Partner, you also gain expertise and DATEV-wide solutions.

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Looking for process solutions for your tax consulting firm? CONVOTIS streamlines and accelerates your work and that of your clients. Our trained experts are ready to advise you on your options and highlight the opportunities that arise through the development of a digital law firm.


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Holistic solutions for your law firm.

Efficiently optimize your law firm management with CONVOTIS’ DATEV Tax Services, which digitize your work processes. Our targeted process and IT solutions for tax consultants are designed to prepare you for the challenges of a digital future. Trust CONVOTIS to lead your law firm securely and progressively today and in the future.

Digital Law Firm Management With DATEV Tax Services from CONVOTIS.

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The digital law firm describes a law firm that organizes comprehensively in a digital and procedural manner, making processes not only more efficient but also more secure. The degree of digitization depends on the areas involved. In addition to collaboration with clients, accounting, human resources, declaration business and law firm management play a crucial role. CONVOTIS quickly and uncomplicatedly sets up the desired solutions for you with a 360-degree view of your processes and supports you and your law firm in close collaboration.

With DATEV Unternehmen online. Modern collaboration between the law firm and the client.

Digital bookkeeping and document approval simplify accounting and the document management process extensively. With it, personal master data and document data for clients, such as payment proposals from the documents, can be created quickly. All data is available online at any time for clients and law firms, enabling flexible work without physically submitting documents. By scanning or forwarding paper documents from external systems and integrating personal master and movement data into DATEV Unternehmen online, all company documents, from GoBD-compliant cash books to outgoing invoices, can be processed easily online. This digitization leads to significant cost savings and contributes sustainably to reducing process flows.

Organize documents centrally and digitally.
In the DATEV Document Management System.

With the DATEV Document Management System, you get an indispensable workflow tool for central document storage that optimizes your law firm processes and makes business-relevant information immediately available regardless of location. As each law firm has different requirements, CONVOTIS first determines the individual needs of your law firm in an initial consultation to deliver solutions tailored to your needs afterwards. This document management is audit-proof, quickly searchable (OCR-based) and fully integrated into DATEV.

Administer law firm management easily and professionally.
With DATEV Self Organization solutions.

The law firm's organizational solution can enable an active controlling and steering system as well as project-oriented work that always gives you and your employees an overview of current orders and upcoming projects. In addition, you can access the processing status of a client order and the contribution margin earned to date at any time. If delays or cost overruns threaten, you will be warned early and can counteract in good time. In addition, the DATEV proprietary organizational solutions offer extensive evaluations to assess different areas of your law firm – from employees to clients.

  • Quick overviews of orders, processing status & services provided.
  • Early warning system warns of exceeded plan values already during processing.
  • Assignment of invoices to orders & monthly invoicing.
  • E-invoicing service for your outgoing invoices.
  • Electronic mail and deadline book.
  • Integrated mail and letter template management.

IT Solutions for Tax Consultants Think Ahead & Work Digitally.

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Dealing with things that are not part of your core business often consumes valuable time and incurs costs. This includes, above all, the increasingly complex field of IT today. While technologies are constantly evolving and regulations are changing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable experts.

IT-Outsourcing in the All-Inclusive Package.

An ideal solution is to outsource IT and entrust it into professional hands. As an official DATEV PARTNERasp, CONVOTIS enables you to outsource your entire IT through the CONVOTIS cloud securely.

Work securely and flexibly from any location with protected data and processes. Let us take care of time-consuming routine processes, allowing you to focus on your core business. Benefit from comprehensive IT support and secure your data on our highly secure CONVOTIS servers in the DATEV data center.

Relief for construction payroll, payroll and salary accounting.
HR Business Outsourcing creates Resources.

Employees are the most important asset of any company but they also come with a high administrative burden. By not only digitizing but also outsourcing your HR processes, you can ensure error-free and timely processing of all personnel matters while gaining time for your core business.

On behalf of your tax consulting firm, CONVOTIS takes care of the supervision of wage mandates and everything that comes with it. If additional questions arise or assistance is needed, a dedicated support team is available to you via email or phone.

Our services include the creation of ongoing payroll statements, issuance of certificates, support for short-time work, provision of periodic standard reports, conduct of year-end work, support for tax audits and regular recording and maintenance of master and movement data.

Work Efficiently and Safely.
From the Digital Workplace to IT Security.

The digital workplace poses new challenges with regard to governance and compliance. You can address these challenges with the Managed IT Services that CONVOTIS offers you in the form of recurring IT services.

For the digital law firm to function, intelligent digital workplace solutions are needed to ensure a fail-safe IT system and guarantee uninterrupted operation. In the sensitive working environment of law firms, data security plays a crucial role.

Therefore, CONVOTIS offers various security solutions that fully protect your law firm's data. This includes digital signatures for GDPR-compliant and legally binding digital signatures.

With CONVOTIS's cloud telephony, you can start calls with a mouse click from DATEV. For more security in confidential email communication, CONVOTIS offers hacker-proof email encryption and highly effective mail security checks.

With Microsoft Defender, CONVOTIS provides your law firm with reliable all-around protection against cybercriminals, from detection and automated defence of threats to responding to threats.

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