Customer Communication Management – Prokon Regenerative Energien eG

Industry: Energy Supply

Prokon Regenerative Energien eG, with nearly 40,000 members, is the largest energy cooperative in Germany. The company’s particular focus is on locally produced and supplied electricity based on renewable energies. Prokon was founded in 1995 and has accumulated over 25 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, with more than five years as a cooperative owned by citizens.

Prokon Regenerative Energien eG faced the challenge of digitizing and optimizing its customer communication processes. To achieve this goal, Prokon chose to partner with CONVOTIS, an experienced provider of IT and digitization solutions.

Through collaboration with CONVOTIS, Prokon achieved a comprehensive overhaul and digitization of its customer communication. The project included the implementation of Customer Communication Management (CCM) and integration with existing company resources. CONVOTIS played a key role in planning, developing, and managing the project, leveraging its expertise in customer communication and digitization effectively.

The introduction of the CCM system led to a significant increase in efficiency in customer communication. Through the automation and personalization of communication processes, Prokon was able to enhance customer satisfaction while optimizing internal processes.

The successful implementation of this project marks a significant milestone for Prokon, demonstrating the effectiveness and success of the partnership with CONVOTIS in digital transformation

"With CONVOTIS, we have not only found a competent service provider but, above all, a strong partner for the challenges of digitization by our side. Together, we were able to elevate our customer communication processes at Prokon procedurally and in terms of content to a new level. In a highly constructive collaboration, we benefited from the expertise, long-standing experience, and excellent customer service provided by CONVOTIS. We look forward to the next joint projects."